Oatmeal Face/Body Bar

Why Tiff’s

Tiff’s Goat milk Facial/Body Bars are handmade, in small batches with the highest quality all-natural ingredients making it the perfect daily cleanser from head to toe for all skin types and ages.


  • Goatsmilk is rich in vitamins A, B2, C, D as well as essential fatty acids and triglycerides which makes it a great addition to any skincare regiment.  It also is alkaline so as not to irritate the skin, but moreover balances the PH and is rich in lactic acid helping to brighten and hydrate the skin.
  • Honey has incredible antimicrobial and antioxidant properties making it a great at cleansing, moisturizing and protecting the skin.
  • Colloidal Oatmeal alleviates skin irritation, dryness and helps soothe the skin by adding moisture and reducing inflammation.
  • Great for eczema, psoriasis, inflamed skin.

Safe & Effective

  • Each bar is handmade in small batches with the finest ingredients and infused with therapeutic grade essential oils.
  • Handmade without chemicals, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances.

Directions: Lather between hands or on facial/body cleansing device and apply generously to face and body.  This beauty bar can be used daily head to toe.


Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 cm
Essential Oils

Lavender, Chamomile

4 reviews for Oatmeal Face/Body Bar

  1. Colleen

    My 1 year old has eczema. She was having a bad flair up and nothing was soothing her skin. I reached out to Tiff who recommend the oatmeal body bar and body lotion. Just in two days it has made her skin so soft. The redness and roughness has minimized. It smells so good and I absolutely love it.

  2. Brittany

    I use this body bar to wash my entire body and shave my legs! It is amazing! My husband is always blown away by how smooth my legs feel after using it. A bonus is it is delicate and safe to use on my one-year-old son.

    Bonus: I also use it

  3. Cynthia Cox

    I love this face bar! I began using Tiffs over a year ago, and now I cannot imagine being without it. My older skin feels soft and moisturized, and any small breakouts that occasionally occur are instantly soothed. I have also noticed the age spots are much less noticeable than before. Love knowing it is all good for my skin…..Love it!

  4. Michelle Taylor

    We love your products! My 9 year old daughter has her oatmeal goat’s milk bar and charcoal bar in her shower. She uses the charcoal on her cheeks and arms, and oatmeal bar everywhere else. She is adamant about applying her lotion, as well. She notices improvements in her skin and said she loves how she always smells so clean. I just love seeing a girl her age care so much about her hygiene. By the way, I use everything, but the sinus salve. Love it all!

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