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You Owe Yourself and Your Family The Benefits Of Natural Ingredients

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Our soaps and salves are free from synthetic and artificial ingredients

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Everything in our shop is made by hand in small batches

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Hands down one of the best products we've used. When my wife was having back pain during pregnancy, she was limited in what she could take for pain. The "Pain Paste" was amazing. Highly Recommend
Vincent F.
I have to say the all natural deodorant is my absolute favorite because I've tried SO MANY. Tiff has found a way to provide products that are safe alternatives to such toxic products that people use everyday (deodorant, soap, pain relief products, sleep aids, etc) and that nourish our bodies at the same time. For that I am grateful!
Amy M.
We love Simply Tiff's! Two of my children are prone to eczema, and the oatmeal soap calms it right down. We also use the pain paste for practically everything- bug bites, scrapes, sore muscles, you name it.
Gloria O.
Simply Tiff's makes THE BEST all natural products! My son has terrible eczema, especially in the winter. The oatmeal soap calmed it immediately. I also love the charcoal bar!
Kellie T.
These products are amazing! I highly recommend them --I have used the soaps, pain paste and sleep salve. I have slept better with the sleep salve!
Leslie E.
Love Simply Tiff's! Best all natural, homemade products out there! The pain paste works wonders on a sore neck and back.
Kelli C.
Tiff’s products are amazing! I always get a terrible rash under my neck from my autoimmune disease. I have tried tons of products and nothing would help it go away. But TIFF’s Charcoal Bar and Oatmeal Beauty Bar has made a HUGE difference! The rash is almost completely gone and it’s not as red and inflamed as it was! It’s so amazing!!!
The Sleep Salve is another one I use every night! It helps calm and settle me down after a long, busy and stressful day!
Dusty R.
I have tried all of her products with the exception of the charcoal mask. All of her products work and are amazing!!! We are currently obsessed with her sleep salve! I use it on my almost 2 year old daughter and she sleeps amazing!!! Give one or all of her products a try! You won’t be disappointed!!!
Brittany C.
Simply Tiff's THANK YOU! My daughters cough calmed down after just two doses of your MAGIC Elderberry Syrup and a few applications of Sinus Salve on her chest. I will definitely be purchasing MORE!
I have been using The Charcoal Beauty Bar for 2 years and I won't use anything else...I have used numerous products to combat my acne and oily skin for years, and I now have clean, clear skin with just this one bar of soap!
Mercedes W.
Tiff's Organic Elderberry Syrup is so yummy and soothing when I was sick and her sinus salve is an allergy necessity
Brandie R.
I've worked for a dermatologist for 8 years and am extremely picky about skin products...I absolutely LOVE Tiff's Charcoal Body Bar.
Courtney F.
Tiff's Pain Paste worked like a charm to calm me down on my international flight so much so I was able to relax and I felt my heart actually stop pounding after rubbing a some on my chest/neck.
Randi W.
Tiff's Oatmeal Body Bar is awesome! I have eczema that flairs up more in the winter. I started using this soap and in lest than a week it has worked wonders! I can already see a difference.
Kathy M.
I am a 37 year old female with oily skin with some adult acne. Tiff's Charcoal Body Bar has done wonders for my face!! My face feels so smooth and appears brighter. My hubby commented on my face about how good it looked 😊 I have tried everything out there including expensive facials and nothing has worked until I came across Tiff's Charcoal Body Bar. this is a product I will use for a very long time.
Jennifer B.
For those of you who are wondering if Tiff's Pain Paste works, it does. I tore a tendon and had surgery 10 months ago, I still have pain everyday. Tiff's Pain Paste calms the act and burning pain almost immediately.
Bianca R.
The Charcoal Body Bar is absolutely amazing! I have never seen my skin so smooth and even toned. I love the soap and will be trying the Oatmeal Body Bar as well.
Shannon F.