Aluminum/Paraben Free Deodorant

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Each stick is handmade in small batches with the finest ingredients and infused with therapeutic grade essential oils.

Natural Deodorant that works to neutralize odors without any harsh chemicals, phalates, and parabens and its completely aluminum and fragrance free.

Directions: Apply under the arms. (Note: less is more 1 or 2 swipes is sufficient)

*Also if switching from commercial deodorant make sure to detox your armpits with with either our Activated Charcoal Mask and/or by using our charcoal face/body soap under the arms while making the switch.




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Organic Arrowroot Powder, Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil, Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, Organic Kaolin Clay Powder, Organic Inulin Prebiotic Powder, Organic Beeswax, Magnesium, Essential Oil Blend

1 review for Aluminum/Paraben Free Deodorant

  1. Kelli

    Love this deodorant! I was hesitant to try because of past experience with natural deodorants but I’m so glad it did! I started with a few work days- no stank so I moved to more intense sweat situations including OrangeTheory fitness and hiking in the Texas heat. I am so impressed- zero smell! My clinical strength brand doesn’t always hold up but this did. Buying more now!! Thanks Tiff!

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