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Rainy Day Sanity

Hello friends! It has been raining for what seems like months here in Texas, but hey I’m not complaining, just looking for my sanity.

Today was no different as the downpour came as we headed to the library for my weekly adult socializing event…no, just kidding, our weekly storytime with the best Children’s Librarian EVER (a few books she loves below)! Anyway, it was all about monsters and so of course I felt right at home because this moldy weather and Miss K’s incessant mocking, sassy mouth has turned me into a full on mommy monster or an old lady tempted to swallow a bat (There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Bat-one of Miss Ks favorite books right now). I was even more convinced as I saw my reflection on the magnet board…🧟‍♀️

During naptime I unboxed the new food dehydrator the hubby got me for my bday and started making some fruit roll ups/leather…I’ll let y’all know how that turned out once it’s done, but it was super easy to make. I blended together: 2 peaches, 1 cup strawberries, 1/4 cup applesauce, juice of 1/2 lemon.  Put in the machine at 140°F for approximately 8hrs 🤞🏼.

Once the angel woke up it was time to play! We built roads and tracks, played tug of war with jump ropes and also used scrabble as a “teaching tool”, which she was completely into especially since she has been begging to play it for the last 3 months. I was surprised how much fun she had searching for the letters to her name and placing them on the wooden holders…sometimes it’s the things you never expect them to enjoy that holds their attention the longest and as a bonus an boost to my slumping mommy ego she was learning!

Tonight, I decided to add a little something in with our bedtime routine by adding “Good Night Yoga” before our book and I think Miss K enjoyed it…I found a cool YouTube video that guides you through the book and I plan to follow it up with “Good Morning Yoga” in the morning to see if we can set ourselves up for calmer more enjoyable days 🤪😬. I finished up the evening by reading a little in one of my “inspirational” books to calm the monster in me.

What do you do to stay sane in rainy weather? Do you have any inspirational quotes or books you ground yourself in? What kinds of activities do you and your little ones enjoy inside?



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Life, Toddlers and Honesty

Good Evening! I hope you all had a wonderful day and have a fun weekend planned with your friends and family.

I felt like today reaffirmed my decision to speak honestly to my toddler about life and situations we encounter openly. Of course, I take great care to explain things in a way she can understand and age appropriate or at least I try to. We have had multiple times where we have had to say goodbye to “animal family members” since she has been old enough to notice and understand.

We had to say goodbye to my beloved brown Labrador when she was just 16months old. During that time we spoke to her about how we were blessed to have time with him, we loved him, and always will. We framed the conversation by letting her know he fell asleep and would not be waking up because it was time for him to be with GOD. We included her in the process and she still knows his name and talks about her love of/for him to this day which I feel shows the strength, sensitivity and awareness of our children.

Many of you who read my blog also will remember us losing several of our hens a few months back and another one just a few weeks ago…well, today one of the girls who had been hurt from the most recent events on Tuesday ended up succumbing to a hawk and again I had to tell my hen loving baby girl that the hurt hen had died and we didn’t need to go out and doctor her this afternoon.

My heart absolutely melted when her response to me was…”mommy I can share my chickens with other animals, because I’m sure they get hungry just like me.” She clearly was not traumatized by any of the situations regarding the end of life and moreover showed an understanding and compassion for the circle/cycle of life.

I understand my way of thinking is not for everyone and some don’t feel comfortable or think it to be good parenting to speak openly about life/death, but it was that pure/unfiltered response by her that solidified my decision to be honest with her regarding these events and life in general.

How do you explain these type of events to your children? How did your parents help you understand events like this?



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Just Giggle and Get Through

Howdy y’all! I know it’s been quite some time since I checked in and well today seemed to be as good a day as any I suppose. It’s been an adventurous few weeks here on the compound to say the least!

Today just happened to be the icing on the cake after the girls survived an enthusiastic game of chase with the neighbors dog and the replacement bed parts I have been waiting on since April arrived for it to only be a full rather than king…just my luck right?! It does get better because the day started off with my super smart three year old knowing everything and especially more than me when she decided to wear a skirt that was a few sizes too big to story-time at the library. She only pulled it up every 5 seconds and finally found it around her ankles as she ran through the library to the playground and I along with a few others I’m sure saw the cutest little coppertone cheeks one has ever seen🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️. Maybe next time I could impart some of the wisdom I have gained over the last 36 yrs on her, but I’m betting not since she seems to have already been there, done and seen that bigger and better than this momma could imagine.

Anyway, a few weeks back we had a lightening strike and all the chaos ignited from there…the sprinkler controller panel took the main hit and of course I ran out to the main water shut off system like the complete crazy person I am in the middle of a lightening storm to shut the water off…at least I’m here to tell about it and I didn’t even 💩 my pants as lightening struck all around me…1 positive with a negative cancels it out right?!?!

Now, just the rain and lightening, would have been enough, but no, it didn’t stop there…we have been telling Miss K for weeks not to go LOVE on the hens because Mister Rooster is a little protective of his girls…again does she listen or does she have an excuse as to why she was LOVING more like CHASING the hens…well I will assume not, as I here screaming and see the Rooster attacking my sweet angel 🙄 over and over…luckily she only suffered some minor ego bruising and a few scratches…the lesson learned PRICELESS!! Now while that was happening an owl decided to swoop in for a little dessert and enjoyed the sweet delicacy of my favorite hens head and left her big fat body for me to explain to my 3 yr old why she didn’t have a head! Seriously, you can’t make it up and now my daughter knows owls 🦉 enjoy chickens just like she enjoys coconut milk peach ice cream. I mean what else can you say right?!? I only wish that had been the end of the day, but we had a visitor 🐍 who was looking for something to eat that night and I’ll just say scared the daylights out of me as I opened the coop to check for eggs when I put our remaining friends in for the night…luckily he didn’t eat our golden eggs and my neighbor came to handle the situation for me.

And now for the grand finale, I saved the best for last! Super K went flying down the driveway showing off her mad racing skills on her plasma car only to be greeted by the rear bumper of daddy’s truck. As she climbs out, blood had sprayed the concrete and of course I couldn’t see the damage but I knew we were headed to the ER. The urgency somehow escaped my dear husband as he sat trying to console my over dramatic, attention loving, toddler for not 10 or 20 minutes…a whole 45minutes!! Seriously, remind me when I have a life/death emergency to call the neighbors because urgency must have different meaning than “GET YOUR ASS MOVING NOW”! Anyway, we got a little glue after we shelled out some money only to have the princess peel the glue off 24hrs later. Note to self, use superglue at home next time it’s only $1.49 plus tax!

I hope y’all are having a wonderful week and enjoy the video a friend of mine sent me below because heaven knows we all need a good laugh sometimes! If you know a momma who needs a good laugh, popsugar has a gift list for moms with potty mouths…it just happens sometimes ladies!

2-Minute Funny Guided Meditation For B*tches That Don’t Meditate (Video)



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Ruling the Roost

So ever since our rooster began to get his tail-feathers back he has definitely asserted his masculinity around the coop, but most recently he seems to think he RULES this ROOST. Now I’m not talking about the crowing all day or the typical rearing back to stick out his breasts and flap his wings, I’m talking all out chasing my rear end up the path and in some cases straight out into the bushes like a scared little teenage girl at her first dance! Well, I showed him who the boss was by bringing my secret weapon , Zeiss, a 95lb labrador who wags his tail like it would set him into the air at any moment as he meanders up and down the pathway to the coop just hoping one of the girls will come say hello.

Now to say the rooster was the only one who was trying to assert power in the house would be a complete fabrication and of course Miss K will not be upstaged by anyone let alone a rooster! So today we are on our way home and our 4mo old friend started to fuss a bit and Miss K promptly told him, “you need to stop fussing or I will pull this car over and put you on the side of the road, okay, okay!” Now, as I am dying laughing, I do think to myself, maybe I should choose better words, consequences or something, but let me tell you, it has worked and the low and behold the little guy responded to her request in the form of complete silence 😂🤣. The mommy and me shirts his momma got little Miss K and I couldn’t have fit her sass any better!!!!

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Best Friends and Giving Back

Hey there!!!  I hope you all are having a good week and looking forward to the downward slide to the weekend!  Ill start off by announcing the winner of The Book Only Love Today…..Cooking without Limits…please email me ( where to send your book…CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Miss K has been a character and a half this week I tell you.  The things toddlers say are just too funny sometimes and how they decide to torture their best friends are even funnier sometimes.  Zeiss was treated to a slumber party inclusive of his own blanket at the Doseum located in my kitchen along with a serenade of “Row, Row, Row, Your Boat” and the ABC song, and even got to karaoke to “Let it Go”.  I have to admit watching them play with one another is some of the sweetest moments of the day as I see the unconditional love they each have for one another…nothing better than a girl and her dog!

This week it was also time for me to give back…its become sort of a ritual really.  It feels so good to help others even if its as small/insignificant as donating hair from your head…that small gesture means the world to that person who receives your “gift” whatever it might be.   I have hair that grows very quick and of course its just hair so every few years I will bob it to donate to “Locks of Love”.  However, this time I have chosen to donate to an organization who provides FREE replacement hair to children under 21 called children with hair loss.