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Absolutely Eggstatic!

Hey there!! Today we have some exciting news…we have our first egg! After 4 months of caring for our girls we have seen our chicks grow into as Miss K calls them, BIG FAT HENS who are officially laying eggs. I will have to say I was so eggstatic to find the egg in the nesting box this morning while cleaning the coop. Luckily Miss K was helping so she and I both shared in the immediate joy of seeing the egg and promptly ran up to the house to let daddy join in the excitement. These small moments are incredibly rewarding as a mom to see the tiniest of things bring so much happiness and create wonderful family memories. Today was definitely a happy day among the many we have already shared and the many more to come.

What are some of your favorite times as a family?


Tiffany 💋

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Hi there, I can’t believe it’s been almost a week since my last post! This momma was racing around the nascar track called life last week and feels like the rubber may be have burned off the tires because I forgot to make those pit stops. You know those people/women who just can’t say “no”, well I’m one of those women or can’t say no and end up offering to do everything for everybody…now I do it because it brings me joy and happiness to help, forgetting sometimes that I am not Wonder Woman nor am I a Greek Goddess…well you get the picture.

This past week was filled with goatsmilk soap, pain paste, and bug off lotion stick making along with babysitting, doctor appointments, Whole Foods weekly stop, popsicle making, juicing, duck chasing and dinner cooking…all the while doing my best to entertain/please an almost three year old toddler!


While the whole week was fast paced and interesting, but I don’t think any of it topped Friday! From start to finish it was a day! It started by making apple fritters. Now all you moms know how making a delicious breakfast goes…everyone but you get to savor/enjoy the fruits of your labor…but you. The fritters were all fried about 8:45am when I promptly
showered/dressed/grabbed my mini me and was pulling out of the driveway at 9:02am. We arrived just in time to my doctor appt to go over some lab work. Of course, my little one was an angel…with a little coercing of course and when the doctor came in she did everything she could to have Dr. M
acknowledge and talk to her without making a peep…just as we had discussed! She is so smart and manipulative…but to her credit, she remained quiet as I had asked. Anyway, we start going through the lab work and my princess promptly shares, ” I need to go poopoo mommy”! Of course she needed to go…so I take her potty all the while making sure she knows we are not at home and cannot leisurely have a BM like she and daddy tend to do, we need to have our movement and get back in with the doctor! Luckily we made it back in just before the doctor and we’re able to finish the appointment without any other interruptions 🙌🏻.

The next stop was Whole Foods where I was in heaven with the produce selection and thoroughly enjoyed using my new earthwise reusable produce bags…they are the perfect sizes and so sturdy…no more ripping bags or throwing away plastic bags👏🏻!

Now, as we made our way home, my little potty monster needed to tinkle in the middle of the highway so this resourceful momma grabbed a cup and pulled over to the shoulder.  I have never had to do this before on such a busy highway, nor has she ever tinkled in a cup, but I must say we were successful and made it home without any other incidents.  We came home to a clean kitchen and my office “command center” hung…thanks to my brother!! He did a great job of bringing my vision to life! It’s not quite finished, but it looks so much better already.  I can actually use my desk now because papers aren’t piled as high as Mt. Everest!

It was at this point I realized I had RSVP’d to a jewelry party my neighbor was having that evening too. I am so glad I did too, I was able to get the most beautiful Mother’s Day gifts for some dear friends of mine who will be celebrating their first official Mother’s Day! They have some great pieces and you can personalize several of them! This is the one I chose!Saturday proved to be just as busy, as my little friend and I made a trip to drop off juice for a friend, visit another friend, and have lunch with family! It was while we were in Boerne we terrorized the ducks at “duck creek” and managed to entertain the patrons at Torchy Tacos with our toddler antics!

Luckily today was a little slower paced and I was able to enjoy a nice 2 hr nap after church before fertilizing the garden (while my little ballerina showed off her pirouette and leaping skills), cleaning the coop for the girls and finishing the day with Lemon Basil Salmon with roasted root vegetables and broccoli.

I hope y’all all had a wonderful week!


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Popsicles, Mowers and The Clampetts

First,  I did not realize I had such a GONZO nose…the picture in my previous post really screams…LOOK AT MY 👃🏻!!!  Anyway, it is so nice to have a healthy house again and to have ventured off the compound for the first time in 3 days and boy did we have a fun day…it was our weekly trip to Whole Foods and H-E-B along with a few other pitstops where you know there were a few shenanigans.

We started out by grabbing a quick Chai Tea at Pops Coffee Shop down the road…I spilled half of it in the car…sometimes 💩 just happens!  We continued on into town and made our first stop at Pier 1 to grab a few new wreaths for the front door.  As we walked in, I made sure to tell my little one with the raccoon hands that we needed to hold hands and not touch anything otherwise there would be a consequence.  She did great…until we made our way to the counter…she began touching the beautiful Easter Eggs that were sitting there.  I firmly said, “Do we need a consequence or would you like to keep your hands to yourself?”  Of course she stopped (🙌🏻 the LORD) and the sales associates looked at one another and then back at me and said, “OMG, I wish my kids listened that well, behaved so well, or even stopped what they were doing when I gave them the mom voice.”  I just replied, “we are just beginning our day, just wait another 5 minutes and she might turn into the Tasmanian Devil.”  Of course as I paused to correct her the cutest Bunny Wreaths caught my attention and then I saw 50% off so we walked out with 4 wreaths.–you know my husband had some comments…on  the bunny wreathes he said, “what are you going to do with those?” and then he got to the front door “you got more wreaths?”  he’s so sweet, he knew his words wouldn’t phase me and deep down I know he thought they were beautiful and cute too.😍

Remember this was just the beginning!  Off we went to Whole Foods, but Gap
fullsizeoutput_5566 was on the way and we needed some more panties…she likes the gap as they have a soft cotton feel and larger seams which don’t dig into the skin for added comfort.  Anyway, while we were there, we didn’t just get panties…we got a dress, Ariel pjs, Minnie Mouse t-shirt, a gift for our “Chosen Sisters” newborn baby boy and of course a pair of sunglasses! (btw…GAP is having a great sale on swim apparel and dresses)

After we did some major damage to my wallet at Gap we headed over to Whole Foods where of course my little garbage disposal first needed some watermelon, then a banana, followed by a pack of Annie’s Bunny Fruit Snacks, rounded out by a snack bar while we checked out…can we say she only ate 1-2 bites of everything and picked and poked at me the ENTIRE time we were in the store!  Now when I say picked and poked, I literally mean it, like a big brother does to his little sister just to annoy and see what the reaction is…when asked why she says, “because I can!”  Thank you my husband for this…again GOD loves him and so do I!

So after $20 worth of half eaten snacks in Whole Foods, we move on to H-E-B where things actually seemed to be going quite well…until, we hit the check out line again…of course I had her in the small part of the basket this time so she could not annoy/tickle tickle the associate bagging our groceries.  Now, I thought, this would be totally safe from any embarrassing/disruptive incidents…right/!  WRONG…as I am finishing up unloading our groceries onto the conveyer belt, my little loud mouthed toddler grabs the young woman’s large box of tampons and quite loudly says, “MOMMY, LOOK A BOX OF POPSICLES!!!”  poor young woman…she was so embarrassed and I couldn’t help but smile a little and say, “yes love, but we have our own popsicles, lets put them back on the belt for her.”  Luckily, we made it out without anymore moments and back home.

Of course by the time we arrived home and I had all the groceries unloaded, a nap was out of the question so I had her lay down for quiet time to the movie of her choice, “how the grinch stole christmas”…sometimes you just pick the battles!  Anyway, I think she may have fallen asleep and head outside to help my husband build my new planter boxes…and out comes my cute baby girl…shirtless.  I just didn’t even ask…sometimes you just remain silent and go get another shirt since she’s outside and its 90℉ out!  So once I got her fully clothed again she decided to help out by measuring her best friend and scattering daddy’s tools out, but she was happy and occupied so I wasn’t going to say a word.  I turned my head for a few minutes and I see her sit down with a pint of dairy free ice cream…she says to me, “mommy its okay, I went and got some ice cream for myself.”  I just shook my head and said, “of course you did.”

Now by this time the neighbor had brought her mower down for my husband to help her service and it was time to start dinner.  We had some very flavorful Paleo Instant Pot Chicken Marsala with Mashed Cauliflower.  The monster reared her no nap head right about that time, and I deferred the rest of her evening to DADDY…luckily while I was getting dinner done my husband had finished the mower and I was able to take it along with a trap (something is trying to get into her coop for her chickens and has already had a feast on one, so I borrowed a trap from one of the other neighbors) and can of tuna fish down the street while he wrestled with little Mike
Tyson.  On my way down with the mower I had some texts asking if I was mowing the street, a 4-door jacked up truck full of boys staring and waving (I am a 35 year old hot mess…but please boys continue ☺), and another couple walking their dogs giggling…now you can only imagine what the other 5 houses of neighbors were thinking as I road the mower down the street about dusk…I could only wish I had a few cervezas and was going for a ride…You may just want to call us the Beverly Hillbillies, but the Clampetts may not even be as backwoods as us sometimes!!

Hope you all have a few for me this weekend!!


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All-Nighters and The Y Chromosome Effect

I hope y’all had a Wonderful Easter filled with family, friends, good food and the LOVE of JESUS! We enjoyed our first real Easter Hunt with our little one after church Sunday, along with some great food (hats off to the chef…me of course…) and company of family. Holidays have been a bit tough for me the last five years since my moms passing, but I feel like the holiday spirit bug is slowly but surely biting me…and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The holidays were such a joyous time of year for me growing up as our house was adorned with indoor/outdoor decor for every holiday…yes even President’s Day!! My mom was as you could say it obsessed and our house tended to look like the Griswalds on National Lampoons Christmas Vacation for every Hallmark Greeting Card! Anyway, Christmas and now Easter have been filled with such festive/peaceful spirit and I told my little princess that by the time she is 3, I will have these holidays down and might even make her Nana proud! Easter may have been a little overdone 😳🤩🐣

The night before Easter I was in entertaining/holiday overdrive! I definitely didn’t plan very well as we were dying eggs at 8pm for the Easter Bunny when my little energizer bunny should have been in bed…it’s the Holidays right, aren’t kids suppose to stay up late and do all the things they usually don’t get to?!!! The egg dying was a hit with her and the colors turned out beautifully from the Natural Egg Dye Kit we used.

About 9pm Easter lunch preparations began…Now, let me also add that I may have chosen the most UNCLEAN meat/dishes to serve according to some, but it sure did make things a bit easier for the one woman chef: pulled pork, pork ribs, sweet creamed corn, paleo potato salad, paleo coleslaw, and pinto beans…my goodness I think I need to send out an SOS signal for some time management and preplanning skills or maybe I’m just totally CLUELESS!  Either way, things were in the slow cookers and marinating by about 11pm and then it was back up at 3am to get the pork roast going. Luckily everyone else slept so I could enjoy some quiet time and check off my checklist. Once Easter morning rolled around we headed to church for a truly
awesome lesson and then it was back home to enjoy the nights work and watch the little ones hunt for eggs. Mine just wanted to open each egg she found as her cousin meandered collecting an array of eggs for her basket.  At one point the eggs fell out of cousins basket and my little knifer rushed over and “offered to help” by placing the falling eggs into her own basket. She really is something else and always plotting/observing/analyzing each situation to see how it might suit her fancy, like when she dumped her bubbles out and then gave them to her cousin while saying, “here you go, you can have mine, I’ll share with you”…of course she wanted to share…she would take the full bubbles and leave cousin the empty ones, now who wouldn’t like that kind of deal?!?! We finished up the gathering by cracking cascarones atop the grandparents heads and sitting down for some much needed downtime before tending to the daily tasks…I’m sure the girls wished the little no napping heathen would have stayed at the house when their turn came…she first chased them all over before settling in on one to squeeze up in her little hands to “pet”…then brought her hot pink rake into the coop to find some bugs for them to eat and finished up the visit by scolding them “for stepping on her special rake that they should know better than to walk on because they might break it!”

Once Monday rolled around, it was time for one of my never-ending “commitments” to begin as I took on the task of keeping the cutest six month old baby you have ever laideyes on! It was full speed ahead and I had such a good helper tending to singing him songs, reading him books, feeding him his bottle etc…she just has to have a sibling!!! Can anyone say BABY FEVER???!!!!

We had the little guy on Tuesday as well and enjoyed our toddler time library hour along with some time outside! This is where things got a little sideways…my princess LOVES to shovel the dog poop she finds in the yard and Tuesday afternoon was no different as she found some needing to be removed. We removed it and I sent her to put the shovel back while I went to let the dog out…upon my return she is whining “mommy my lip, it’s dirty it has poop on it!” To which I reply, “why, what happened?” She innocently says, “I licked the shovel and got it on my top lip.” I HAVE NO WORDS!!! How can this beautiful blonde-headed blue-eyed little girl be so unpalatable and revolting sometimes?  She later informed me she just did it, no reason why, just because she did!

Now here we are Wednesday morning and I am an exhausted, disinfecting, vomit infested momma! We spent the night leaving our mark on every bedroom, sheet, blanket, bowl and inch of mommy there was by shooting out vomit filled missiles from who knows where because I don’t think anything that substantial or forceful should come from a body so little! The night was spent filling and draining the bath tub, soothing, and cloroxing floors!  Now I will have to say not all was bad as my sweet girl looked up from the tub at one point to say, “mommy, if you need to get sick, let me know so I can help you spit in the bowl…I love you mommy and I will help you feel better.”—when the toughest part of being a mom will melt your heart!

I don’t know what it was about all the Waterworld style projectile vomiting and the day I spent chasing my tail like an episode of the Roadrunner and Coyote, but this mama had some crazy cravings…I just had to give in…a bowl of Cheerios, someice cream and later in the day a nice juicy Sonic hamburger…what is it about motherhood that allows you to catch a quick bite to eat at any moment you can even if your child just finish vomiting everywhere including on you?

To say I pulled an all-nighter and was well done to the point of charring, just wouldn’t even begin to cover the magnitude of what went on…because my friend with the Y chromosome in the house who vomited one time and has been dying ever since in a luxurious dream filled sleep (all laughing aside, he usually is very very helpful and had just run this house for a week while I was in the hospital, and it did seem to be one killer tummy bug) while this hot mess managed cleaning and mopping the house, mounds of laundry that rivaled the height of the empire state building, tending the chickens who escaped the play-yard, while calming the screams coming from a sick toddler only to realize at 4:30pm she neglected to clean and wash herself…I know stomach-turning!!!  Having a home with more than two bedrooms is totally OVERRATED especially when you are trying to disinfect it while running back and forth to the screams of a toddler every 10 minutes, “Mommy I need you, Mommy come lay with me, mommy I hurt, Mommy I want to get in my tub, Mommy Mommy Mommy!”

I finally get her resting about 5:30pm in the bed with my dreaming husband thinking I can finish up the disinfecting, but that little tummy bug disguised as a blonde headed princess had another idea. I was summoned by the whales coming from the master bedroom about 6pm and greeted by not only a soaking wet toddler but brand new mattress as well…Things are never simple or easy, complicated is this simple mamas middle name!  Luckily, my husband had started to recover from his traumatic vomiting session about 18 hours earlier and was able to help change sheets while I tended to the toddler…Now I do think in order to be considered after one vomit session to be dying the prerequisite is a Y chromosome…God loves him and so do I!!!

Hope your week is a little more exciting and fulfilled than mine!



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Psych Exams, Mud Puddles, and Surprises

We had a few stormy days this week and Wednesday was one of them! It was a perfect day to curl up and read a book by a window as the rain created a soothing beat as it made impact, watch a movie or enjoy a nice cup of tea/coffee, really whatever floats your boat. Well not for this crazy momma…I was up at the rooster crowing, butt crack of dawn driving to an appointment, while both my sleeping beauties enjoyed sleeping to the peaceful sounds of rain falling on the metal roof. I actually can’t even say that it bothered me because driving in the car ALONE was incredible…you know the kind of joy/excitement Tom Cruise showed in Risky Business as he slid across the floor in his whitey tighties singing with his microphone…oh yes, now the full picture is becoming clear, the radio turned up to deafening levels as I belted out the lyrics to “Pour Some Sugar On Me” through that rainy commute like no one was listening (80s hairbands were cranked up!). So now I get to this appointment only an hour early…hahahahaha…only this momma knowing she would be all alone leaves with that much extra time to spare…no really I just didn’t want to get caught in the storms and traffic. Anyway, I get to the office and no lie this doctor has a “new patient packet” that is about 50 pages long…some of the questions being how do you feel (cheerful, angry, withdrawn, depressed, etc.), but the best one was…avoid everyone…could I just answer avoid my family…hehehe…I felt like I was being checked into the mental ward or filling out a gynecology questionnaire, but at any rate the paperwork was thorough and the doctor was FANTASTIC!?!

Now I don’t know about everyone out there, but since this little princess has come along, I have such a hard time waiting to give gifts I order in for special occasions especially since they are either useful or something she will LOVE.  So this happened again after I arrived home from the doctor…the was a pair of rain boots I had ordered for her Easter basket that arrived and It was raining.  I was dying to give them to her, and any reason would do, so I told her if she ate all her lunch without fussing and having ants in her pants I had a surprise for her…to which I followed it up with if you take a good nap, we can go jump in mud puddles with our new rain boots!  This WORKED like a charm…NO I AM NOT ABOVE BRIBERY and they were so cute! #briberyworks  It was also so enjoyable to see her jump in all the puddles for the very first time too..#lovebabyfirsts, #puddlesweremeanttobejumpedin, #itsrainingitspouring

Since I had been gone for so long we needed to play and fit it all in in just a few hours…so, one of the first days back at the compound my little one brought me the dogs leash she had been walking him with and says, “Mommy walk me like Zeiss, here is the leash, you just wrap it around my tummy and we walk”…now I know you are thinking maybe this poor poor toddler is being raised like a dog, but I promise, we tell her every day she is not a dog as she licks food off the floor, asks to eat dog treats, and tries to drink water from any puddle or bowl she might find inside and out.  Of course with this “little puppy” nothing lasts too long so she walks inside for a few minutes while I put up the leash and all the sudden my husbands alarm on his truck starts honking and here comes the little raccoon saying, “mommy you want to learn how to honk daddy’s truck?  Look you just push this red button with the horn on it.”  To this I just shook my head as my dear husband comes running from behind the house to see what the commotion was thinking I had pushed the alarm on his truck because I had fallen and couldn’t get up…hahahahahaha!

Now might also be a good time to admit to ordering numerous things in the hospital with no recollection and sheer surprise each day they arrive…gentlemen never leave a cell phone capable of internet with your wife alone while she is heavily medicated!  🤣😂👸🏼 One of my best finds was this awesome T-shirt from  Duct Tape and Denim…I must have been feeling slightly older than 35 while in the hospital on pain medicine after having  to call an ambulance to transport me because I had laid down and couldn’t get up!  The other reason not to leave a cell phone period with your slightly medicated wife or friend is she may/may not respond to texts from strangers asking if she could watch their 6 month old baby for the next few months…so I do have a little baby fever but thats a different story…and no I do not know this family, but another woman from my neighborhood, whom I didn’t know but volunteered to watch her granddaughter a few months back had given them my number and name…#cantsayno, #babyfever, #helpingdoesabodygood, #medicinemightmakeyoucuckoo🤷🏼‍♀️🙋🏼

Once the panic alarm was silenced and strategically placed out of reach from our little raccoon, it was time to have dinner and get ready for bed…so during dinner her mouth must have sprouted a leak and her almond milk spilled on the floor to which my husband says, “sit your rear on that spot of milk and sway back and forth”…she says, “I don’t want to have milk on my rear, I don’t want to be wet!”  He responds, “its just a little bit and you have to take a bath after dinner anyway so it will be okay.”  She does it and then lays on her belly and starts cleaning the entire floor.  Again, I promise haven’t raised her as Moglie from the jungle book to live as/with wild animals!!  Now we head off to the bath and she needs to potty so she is taking care of business while I get jammies and all out to her voice telling me, “mommy don’t come back in here its stinky Im pushing out a big poopoo.”  Afew minutes later I walk in and ask if she is all done to which her reply is “no, Im still working on it.” So I say, “you are just like daddy, it takes you forever, but I won’t judge you sweetheart.”  She then says, “why would you judge me?” and lets out no lie a 10-20 second toot and says with the goofiest grin and giggle you could imagine, “mommy there’s a frog farm in the bathroom”. By this time, daddy had come in and we both just looked at one another and started laughing hysterically!  Let me just say…my husband thought her the primal behavior of “is there a frog under the covers, or a frog farm in the bathroom?” I finished the night off with a little snack as all that laughing had given me the munchies. (I did take a little medicine with my snack and let me tell you there is nothing quite as satisfying as some paleo salty tortilla chips and a good ole box of skittles😜).

Anyway, the the week has been filled with such laughter and joy! My little one is a good mix of boy, girl and Tasmanian devil that I wouldn’t trade for the world and boy she keeps me running, laughing, and ALWAYS waiting for the next adventure.