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Relinquishing Perfectionism and Embracing Authenticity

Recently, I started looking at life as more of a journey full of lessons and experiences…not good/bad/perfect.  I think this was in part because of reading an article several weeks ago by Shaye Elliot-The Elliot Homestead-“Letting Go of Superwoman,” and also, partly because we are the only ones who can create/deter disappointment;  without expectations there can be no disappointment. Most…

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Best Friends and Giving Back

Hey there!!!  I hope you all are having a good week and looking forward to the downward slide to the weekend!  Ill start off by announcing the winner of The Book Only Love Today…..Cooking without Limits…please email me (simplytiffstx@gmail.com) where to send your book…CONGRATULATIONS!!! Miss K has been a character and a half this week I tell you.  The things…

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