Simply Tiff’s Beauty Products

In 2016 I began handcrafting goats milk soap for my family as well as a few beloved friends with their acne and eczema. After falling in love with the soap for myself and my daughter as well as seeing their results, my passion for making all-natural products grew from those first bars of soap. As luck would have it, my dear “family” and those I had made the soap for own a beautiful, popular boutique and after about three months of encouragement, I finally relented and they introduced the Beauty Bars to their customers. I feel incredibly blessed with how well received my products have been and continue to be amazed at the wonderful stories shared by users.

Having a biochemistry degree and having been a successful business woman in Corporate America for 10 years before becoming a mom, making products was a way to fuel my intellect, healthy lifestyle, and desire to help others. Currently, there are 7 products in the Simply Tiff’s line and it continues to grow each day as I talk to family, friends and acquaintances about daily life and struggles.

Please check out Sisters Boutique and Gifts to find the Simply Tiffs Products as well as some amazing clothing, home decor and gifts!

I hope you like them as much as I love making them!