Good Evening! I hope you all had a wonderful day and have a fun weekend planned with your friends and family.

I felt like today reaffirmed my decision to speak honestly to my toddler about life and situations we encounter openly. Of course, I take great care to explain things in a way she can understand and age appropriate or at least I try to. We have had multiple times where we have had to say goodbye to “animal family members” since she has been old enough to notice and understand.

We had to say goodbye to my beloved brown Labrador when she was just 16months old. During that time we spoke to her about how we were blessed to have time with him, we loved him, and always will. We framed the conversation by letting her know he fell asleep and would not be waking up because it was time for him to be with GOD. We included her in the process and she still knows his name and talks about her love of/for him to this day which I feel shows the strength, sensitivity and awareness of our children.

Many of you who read my blog also will remember us losing several of our hens a few months back and another one just a few weeks ago…well, today one of the girls who had been hurt from the most recent events on Tuesday ended up succumbing to a hawk and again I had to tell my hen loving baby girl that the hurt hen had died and we didn’t need to go out and doctor her this afternoon.

My heart absolutely melted when her response to me was…”mommy I can share my chickens with other animals, because I’m sure they get hungry just like me.” She clearly was not traumatized by any of the situations regarding the end of life and moreover showed an understanding and compassion for the circle/cycle of life.

I understand my way of thinking is not for everyone and some don’t feel comfortable or think it to be good parenting to speak openly about life/death, but it was that pure/unfiltered response by her that solidified my decision to be honest with her regarding these events and life in general.

How do you explain these type of events to your children? How did your parents help you understand events like this?



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  • Gloria
    Posted October 1, 2018 4:27 pm

    I think that’s fantastic.

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