Recently, I started looking at life as more of a journey full of lessons and experiences…not good/bad/perfect.  I think this was in part because of reading an article several weeks ago by Shaye Elliot-The Elliot Homestead-“Letting Go of Superwoman,” and also, partly because we are the only ones who can create/deter disappointment;  without expectations there can be no disappointment.

Most of us realize life in general is neither fair nor perfect, even in the screen dominated society of today.  Where things are not quite what that seem in most cases. I am perfectly imperfect and well, I am just ME and for the most part I’m OKAY with that…now don’t get me wrong, being a perfectionist at heart makes the former statement hard to utter some days! Our Creator gives us all different gifts and we have the ability to embrace and let them shine or mute them and dull their fiery glow.

Now, how many mommas out there have started seeing the Christmas Decor popping up in the local hobby lobbies as you frantically time warped 4 months ahead feeling the days closing in like a cocky rooster charging to get between you and your beloved hen? So many of us feel the need to be SUPERWOMAN when it comes to holiday gatherings with family and friends whether it be the gifting, decorating, and/or entertaining. Now don’t get me wrong, I love searching for the cutest halloween costume for Miss K, eating an amazing Thanksgiving Fellowship with friends and family, as well as a truly magnificent Christmas Tree, but none of these have to cause anxiety/stress within me. We don’t need to be the PERFECT: WIFE, MOTHER, CHEF, FRIEND, MODEL…just be a present, supportive, humble, and flawed human.

As the holiday season kicks into full gear, I want to be calm, present and joyful. This is why I will continually relinquish myself from that inner demon calling me to perfection. There have been/will be days marked by less presence, patience, happiness and anxiety, but I can choose how to respond by the environment and expectations I create.



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