So ever since our rooster began to get his tail-feathers back he has definitely asserted his masculinity around the coop, but most recently he seems to think he RULES this ROOST. Now I’m not talking about the crowing all day or the typical rearing back to stick out his breasts and flap his wings, I’m talking all out chasing my rear end up the path and in some cases straight out into the bushes like a scared little teenage girl at her first dance! Well, I showed him who the boss was by bringing my secret weapon , Zeiss, a 95lb labrador who wags his tail like it would set him into the air at any moment as he meanders up and down the pathway to the coop just hoping one of the girls will come say hello.

Now to say the rooster was the only one who was trying to assert power in the house would be a complete fabrication and of course Miss K will not be upstaged by anyone let alone a rooster! So today we are on our way home and our 4mo old friend started to fuss a bit and Miss K promptly told him, “you need to stop fussing or I will pull this car over and put you on the side of the road, okay, okay!” Now, as I am dying laughing, I do think to myself, maybe I should choose better words, consequences or something, but let me tell you, it has worked and the low and behold the little guy responded to her request in the form of complete silence 😂🤣. The mommy and me shirts his momma got little Miss K and I couldn’t have fit her sass any better!!!!

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