Good Afternoon!  I hope you all are staying cool or enjoying some cool weather where you’re at because it is quite warm and thick outside today in Texas.

Miss K typically has dance class on Wednesdays but todays class was rescheduled, so we enjoyed a nice day on the homestead.  Well, we really spent two hours in snake books searching for our Buffy who started disappearing periodically on Sunday for a few hours each day…I knew she was close/should be laying anytime, so I needed to find where she was hiding out.  Well, of course, I traipsed through the brush/weeds etc in my boxers, camisole and snake boots only to find her 2 hrs later in the front yard. Now, I had searched the front yard and flower beds a million times, but I guess it was that last time as several cars drove past I would find the “nest” in my Sunday best!  Now I’m hoping maybe leaving the girls cooped for the next several days will help her to lay them in the nesting boxes rather than the flower beds as I don’t need any snakes coming up for a little afternoon/evening snack.  Do any of you have any ideas on how to get her to lay in the nesting boxes?

Anyway, yesterday, we tried to take our friend Miss Lauren paddle boarding, but mother nature was not having any of it, as the winds gusted over the lake and small whitecaps formed.  We were a bit bummed, but being strong willed individuals we weren’t about to let the day waste away, so we settled for having a fun morning at Yanaguana Garden where we played chess, checkers, foosball, connect four, and enjoyed the splash pad and playground.  It is located downtown at the corner of Cesar Chavez and South Alamo and has a coffee and juice bar, popsicle shop and newly opened pizzeria.

From the Garden, we decided to go have a bit of lunch at Rosarios off South Alamo, and let me just say as a first time Momma, sometimes just sometimes, you may want to watch what you say as you drive looking for an open parking space just as the Hanger starts in.  A combination of small parking lots along with folks continuously going the wrong way led this hangry momma to utter the phrase “seriously you idiot”  Now i wasn’t thinking my keen as a cat toddler was listening so intently in the seat directly behind me as she uttered “mommy, did you just call them an idiot?”  Now Lauren and I busted out laughing, and of course I had to fess up to the current situation and say yes as the questions continued to roll out regarding the comment.  Sometimes these funny episodes are good reminders to always be aware of the words flowing from our mouths, or at least this mommas.  We finally found a spot and had a delicious lunch and walked across the street to Steel City Pops (all natural popsicles with a large dairy/soy free selection) to enjoy some healthy treats before heading back to the compound for a much needed nap!

Where/what is your favorite summer hangout/park/activity?



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  • Gloria
    Posted August 16, 2018 8:35 am

    Those look like fun places to hang out!

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