Hello everyone! Hope you all made it through Monday with at least a smirk but hopefully a smile.

I’ll get right down to business…Cherimoya Wright-Irby is the winner of the Simply Tiffs gift bag. Please email me (simplytiffstx@gmail.com) your contact information where i can mail your prize at your convenience.

Today was our juice/grocery shopping day along with tending to the garden and chickens of course. The highlight of the day was me cooking mole and jackfruit for the first time. Let’s just say, it tasted better than it looked and it may or may not have taken me about an hour to clean up after the mole explosion! Once I perfect the recipe I’ll share it! It was such a nice evening so I let Miss K stay up a bit later to enjoy the nice mid 80s weather with some plasma car riding, chase and fetch with good ole Zeiss.




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