HELLO friends!!! I haven’t posted in so long and I have missed doing my daily/weekly blogs so much. We have been enjoying the fantastic Texas HEAT and a whole lotta SASS along with our library time, visits to the zoo, doseum and beach as well as some fun playtime with friends this summer.

My sweet little two year old princess turned three and let me just tell you, as I was warned on numerous occasions, it is a whole different ball game being played at this stage. When things are good, it’s good, even shall I utter the word FUN, but when things are bad, they aren’t just bad, they are horrible, horrendous, and some days, you just barely survive! So let me just share a few of our “fun adventures” in the last few weeks. First, on the list is a play date with one of our friends where things were going
great and everyone was having fun until the game of “hide and seek” began. Now, I don’t know who out there has ever wanted to be the counter, but my little girl and her friend wanted to both count and let me just say things escalated quickly from her telling him: “I am counting”—screaming, “I am counting” as he had his hands covering his eyes and counting out loud only
to be followed by her sprinting over with meanest look on her face while grabbing him by the shoulders and belligerently yelling, “I AM COUNTING!” Now as a mom, I was mortified and apologizing profusely as I promptly left our play date. Luckily our friends are awesome and didn’t even think one more second about the incident…thank the LORD!! Second, my little threenager was utterly in a tantrum not wanting to go return the coon trap recently, but we really didn’t have any other options, so she had to go. She cried the whole way there (25 minutes) so I quickly removed the trap and put it up and told our friend thank you and left with my raging friend continuing her deafening screams. Of course since my brain was in shock, I had a bright idea to try and calm her with a trip to the local Whataburger for some French Fries because when you have food allergies, that’s all one can have at a FF chain. Well friends, as I ordered she continued to scream (going on 50min) and we pulled to the outside lane as instructed where she raged through the carhop bringing us some water and collecting payment. At this point I had been editing the hair raising, ear-splitting tantrum for over an hour, so I exited my vehicle, unbuckled her and calmly placed her next to the vehicle where I crouched down and told her she needed to calm down if she wanted to get back in the car. Well let’s just say every car had gone around us and was gone from the drive-thru before there was silence and we were able to get back in the vehicle. Most recently, I had just finished cleaning the house: top to bottom, windows, baseboards, shutters, etc when I was greeted with “mommy I shined the door”…with almond milk no less…all I could say was, “thank you honey, maybe next time we could use water rather than almond milk?” If this doesn’t give you a little clue as to why after my friend goes to bed at night I haven’t been blogging, then I don’t know what will 🤪🤩.

The girls had another attack and the rooster was a bit scalped this time. All I have to say is that rooster is a tough little guy to have made it through the dog attack! Hopefully, we will be getting some eggs very soon. They better be some beautiful, golden, tasty eggs at that.

I’ve also begun cold brewing coffee and experimenting with making ice cream with it and oh boy oh boy is it good! Thanks for following and hopefully you had a few laughs and relatable moments as well as some feelings of “OH THANK HEAVENS IM NOT ALONE” in this awesome adventure we call LIFE!



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