So over the last few weeks since I posted last, we have had some exciting adventures! My little sassy two year old turned into a full fledged master manipulating three year old and we took a little last minute trip to the beach.

Now let me just get it out and over…NO, I did NOT have a birthday party for the little princess….I’ll wait a few minutes while y’all gasp and go into mommy judging mode 😂🤣🤩.
Explanation followed by reason…I am of the mindset that when you have a HUGE 1st birthday party for the baby, there isn’t a need to have another one at 3—we are talking 75 people y’all!! First, she will not remember having a birthday party at 3…Second, we don’t go to school and aren’t members of any organizations other than church so it would basically be mine and my husbands friends and family…Third, when you invite one you have to invite another and that 💩 gets out of hand real quick and before you know it your hosting a party the size of a high school graduation or something. Now before your panties get waded up, I did bake her a dairy free cake and she did get gifts from lots of friends/family! In fact her birthday lasted over a week 🤷🏼‍♀️. Now that’s what I’m talking about…one week of gifts versus one day 🎁🛍💃.


As I said the birthday festivities lasted over a week! At 9pm my awesome husband rolls over in bed and says, what about going down to the beach for a few days…me–okay, when did you want to go? Husband–I thought we would go tomorrow. Me–okay, Miss K has her 3 year check up tomorrow so we will be back about 11am from that…also, did I need to schedule someone for the girls and dog? Husband—no, don’t do that yet, I’ll let you know. Okay and off to sleep we went. Next morning I take K to the doctor, get home make lunch and (11:45am) he says, okay did you get everything set up? I said for what…the beach? Of course I was ready when I was told last at 9pm don’t make plans yet…i think he must have believed my lies #KILLINIT…I am a psychic, mind reader, chef, secretary and chaos tamer 🌟🙋🏼. Those of you who have children or you yourself have food allergies etc, know what it’s like needing to actually prepare for a trip…nevertheless, this badass momma got everything packed and we were on the road by 1:27pm…yes you saw that right in less than two hours I made 💩 happen people!!! That’s what you do as a momma and I will toot my own horn because if I don’t, you know no one else will. All that aside, the beach was amazing and I enjoyed the peace a trip to the beach brings! #PortAransas


While we were in Port Aransas, I absolutely needed a Chai Tea Latte and we stopped in Coffee Waves Port Aransas and let me say they are PHENOMENAL…service, tea, atmosphere, everything was great and I have to share the quote they had on their wall because I LOVED it and think it’s a great one to live by always.

We can’t always stop the storms of life.
But we can always trust the one who
creates beauty once again.

I hope you all are enjoying summertime!



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