Good Day to ya! Its been a bit since I posted last, and I wish I had some over the top excuse/story for you, but I don’t…sometimes you just feel a little funky! It’s been one of those weeks for me here on the homestead, where I just got into a little funk and am making my way out of it. Now I am genuinely a happy go lucky kinda gal, but that’s not to say it’s always rainbows and butterflies around here. Although, I was a bit busy last week as we had a few “incidents” with the “girls” (chickens), storytime at the library, trip to the zoo, played at the park/our splash pool, and finished up a few projects.

So first let me just tell you how my sweet little/juvenile girls were quite the handful as they mowed down on my lovely beets and luscious carrots before thinking they could make their way into the front of the house! Now I love them, but there are just certain areas off limits and if you can imagine my dismay when I found my beautiful beet tops eaten, only to find the girls bolting out of the beautiful garden. Those little toots looked at me like, “we know we shouldn’t have, but they looked so good and well since you caught us, they were delicious too!”

Anyway, we also had a splendid time at the zoo where Miss K enjoyed some time with one of her favorite “Aunties Miss L”. They saw the majestic butterflies, rode the carousel not once but twice, and we ended the day with a train ride after trying to pet every animal in the zoo except the bears…”they scare me mommy”! Miss K is still saying how she went to the zoo yesterday with Miss L…it’s been almost a week!! I just love how little ones have a skewed since of time.

I finished out the week/weekend finishing up a few projects I had started for Miss K and formulating some new products for the Simply Tiffs Line. Miss Ks magnetic behavior chart and the other a monthly milestone picture frame are finally completed (yes she will be there Sunday and I am just finishing this)…best mom ever!! We finished out the evening with my blue eyed sweetie telling me “my job is hitting you mommy!”

Anyway, I hope y’all are off to a great week!



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