Good Morning!!! It is beautiful here today ☀. We had quite an eventful weekend trying to catch the little rascal(s) who beheaded our beautiful girls last week. We finally succeeded in trapping what we think might be the culprit in Saturday night only to have pull a Houdini sometime between 10pm-7am…boy can you just picture the look of sheer disappointment on my face as I walked down to see an empty cage! Well we set the trap again Sunday night and this time the same beady eyed raccoon was staring back at me Monday Morning…and that little tiny handed escape artist did it again as the hubby was trying to take care of him out in the brush…he just squeezed through the tiniest of openings…I just know on his way through he turned and looked chuckling to himself and saying, “hahahahaha. You can’t catch me…me-2, humans-0”. So finally, this morning, we have eradicated the little guy and hopefully given our girls a little more open-range enjoyment!

We also finished up the planters around the garden to try and keep the insects and rodents from snacking on my veggies! My husband did such an amazing job, better than I could have imagined or purchased! I showed him these from Hayneedle and look at the ones he built!! Miss K and I went to Fanick’s Nursery on Saturday in San Antonio to get the plants and herbs…it is beautiful there and the friendly/helpful staff makes it so much better…if you are in the San Antonio area, I highly recommend you go see them.

We headed to Church on Sunday morning for a wonderful message and then back home for lunch an naptime…I also enjoyed a little two hour nap with Miss K 😬. After nap it was time to head outside for some fun in the splash pool, where a bullfrog was waiting for the little bug/insect/amphibian loving little girl! She played and talked to that little guy for at least 30 minutes! Who knew entertainment was lurking in our back yard all this time 🤣🤷🏼‍♀️.

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend and have a beautiful week ahead!  Take some time to enjoy a few popsicles with the littles this week!


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