Hi there, I can’t believe it’s been almost a week since my last post! This momma was racing around the nascar track called life last week and feels like the rubber may be have burned off the tires because I forgot to make those pit stops. You know those people/women who just can’t say “no”, well I’m one of those women or can’t say no and end up offering to do everything for everybody…now I do it because it brings me joy and happiness to help, forgetting sometimes that I am not Wonder Woman nor am I a Greek Goddess…well you get the picture.

This past week was filled with goatsmilk soap, pain paste, and bug off lotion stick making along with babysitting, doctor appointments, Whole Foods weekly stop, popsicle making, juicing, duck chasing and dinner cooking…all the while doing my best to entertain/please an almost three year old toddler!


While the whole week was fast paced and interesting, but I don’t think any of it topped Friday! From start to finish it was a day! It started by making apple fritters. Now all you moms know how making a delicious breakfast goes…everyone but you get to savor/enjoy the fruits of your labor…but you. The fritters were all fried about 8:45am when I promptly
showered/dressed/grabbed my mini me and was pulling out of the driveway at 9:02am. We arrived just in time to my doctor appt to go over some lab work. Of course, my little one was an angel…with a little coercing of course and when the doctor came in she did everything she could to have Dr. M
acknowledge and talk to her without making a peep…just as we had discussed! She is so smart and manipulative…but to her credit, she remained quiet as I had asked. Anyway, we start going through the lab work and my princess promptly shares, ” I need to go poopoo mommy”! Of course she needed to go…so I take her potty all the while making sure she knows we are not at home and cannot leisurely have a BM like she and daddy tend to do, we need to have our movement and get back in with the doctor! Luckily we made it back in just before the doctor and we’re able to finish the appointment without any other interruptions 🙌🏻.

The next stop was Whole Foods where I was in heaven with the produce selection and thoroughly enjoyed using my new earthwise reusable produce bags…they are the perfect sizes and so sturdy…no more ripping bags or throwing away plastic bags👏🏻!

Now, as we made our way home, my little potty monster needed to tinkle in the middle of the highway so this resourceful momma grabbed a cup and pulled over to the shoulder.  I have never had to do this before on such a busy highway, nor has she ever tinkled in a cup, but I must say we were successful and made it home without any other incidents.  We came home to a clean kitchen and my office “command center” hung…thanks to my brother!! He did a great job of bringing my vision to life! It’s not quite finished, but it looks so much better already.  I can actually use my desk now because papers aren’t piled as high as Mt. Everest!

It was at this point I realized I had RSVP’d to a jewelry party my neighbor was having that evening too. I am so glad I did too, I was able to get the most beautiful Mother’s Day gifts for some dear friends of mine who will be celebrating their first official Mother’s Day! They have some great pieces and you can personalize several of them! This is the one I chose!Saturday proved to be just as busy, as my little friend and I made a trip to drop off juice for a friend, visit another friend, and have lunch with family! It was while we were in Boerne we terrorized the ducks at “duck creek” and managed to entertain the patrons at Torchy Tacos with our toddler antics!

Luckily today was a little slower paced and I was able to enjoy a nice 2 hr nap after church before fertilizing the garden (while my little ballerina showed off her pirouette and leaping skills), cleaning the coop for the girls and finishing the day with Lemon Basil Salmon with roasted root vegetables and broccoli.

I hope y’all all had a wonderful week!


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