There is just something about the weather lately and the peace within me that I feel is radiating God’s light and love!  I hope you all are feeling this same assurance and radiating in it!

Of course we had a wonderful anniversary Friday and spent Saturday catching up on things around the compound, but that all changed as our little one arrived home…it even started before!  I received a call on her way home that she had been melting down for most of the 50 minute drive and the car had already been pulled over 4 times.  So when she arrived, it was full on meltdown mode…lucky mommy and daddy and thank goodness bedtime was only a few hours away.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to sleep well Saturday night, so we didn’t make it to church Sunday since we eased into our day slowly and well rested most of the day.  Once Miss K woke from nap it was time for her to go play dress up with the girls at Sisters (she loves them and so do I).  Boy did they have some of the cutest clothes for her to model…if you are looking from some cute baby/toddler/little girl clothes, you should check them out in Floresville, or on Instagram and Facebook!

Today we had our little friend Mr. H and Miss K and daddy ran some errands this morning…aka went to get supplies to finish my planter boxes being built!  I can’t wait to share some pictures when they are finished.  Anyway, after a good nap, we headed over to a friends to visit.  They have the most lovely place filled with an amazing garden, flowers, chickens, cattle, horses, pygmy goats, donkey, and the most incredible chicken coop you have ever seen!!!  Of course Miss K enjoyed herself as there was no shortage of things to do and see, but I may reveled in our visit a bit more…their beautiful land brings back such incredible memories of summers with my grandparents at their ranch with the animals and wide open spaces.

Take some time this week to breathe in all the beauty, light and love this world has to offer…it is all there for you to take in!



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