Many of you will remember Hurricane Harvey hit The Texas Gulf Coast hard 8 months ago and people are still trying to rebuild and recover. My husband and I met in Corpus Christi, Texas almost 11 years ago and spent many days enjoying the water, sun, and food in the Port Aransas area since.

One of my fondest memories of our courtship was an unbelievable dinner at The Pelican Club in Port Aransas (it has since closed).   One memory in particular focuses around my introduction to sushi as my husband (boyfriend at the time) had been out of town and wasn’t expected back for a few weeks, but he drove 3 hours to pick me up and take me to dinner…now I know this isn’t anything extraordinary, but sometimes it is the smallest of gestures that make the largest impact.  As things would have it my first encounter with sushi was UNBELIEVABLE and I have had a love for it ever since.  Now, let me clarify as not just any sushi will do…my husband had taken me and introduced me to the best sushi chef to have my first taste…David.  I would go on Friday after work when he was out of town and sit at the sushi bar visiting with David eating sushi and let me just say I could easily put away 5-6 rolls…now I was younger and running 10miles a day with my beloved labrador, but needless to say, I was hooked!

When we moved back to the San Antonio area, 8 years ago, we didn’t make it down to Port A as often, and really haven’t had our beloved sushi in about 4 years as it was then we started the journey to have our little blessing Miss K.  Last year for my 35th birthday, my husband had planned a little getaway to the island for a dinner with my favorite chef…unfortunately, Hurricane Harvey came ashore that same day and left a path of destruction in his wake.  Since then, the islanders have been incredibly resilient and are restoring their communities and way of life #portastrong, #texasstrong!

Well, my husband surprised me again as we celebrated our 5 year anniversary yesterday by planning a trip to where it all began.  I love his sentimental nature and thoughtfulness surrounding so many events and milestones we have shared and will continue to create.  Ill admit, we don’t get out too much, or usually leave Miss K.  So, I was like a giddy school girl the night before as he had already shared with me his plans to dine in Port Aransas with David…I couldn’t sleep a wink…it has been 5 years since I have indulged in sushi!!!!  Now, my giddiness didn’t stop here as just before we left, I misplaced my cellphone for almost an hour…it was in the REFRIGERATOR!!!!  Anyway,  we made it down to Port Aransas and had an Incredible evening dining on our sushi and catching up with David.  They just reopened THE PHOENIX in Port Aransas about a month ago and the sushi was as good or better than ever!  I highly recommend you stop in and see David for sushi or enjoy any of their other menu items as it is all delicious.  I would highly recommend the Special Sara Roll, Lew Roll and Salt Lick Roll…all the rolls are fantastic!


Enjoy your weekend and take some time to reflect on the memories you have created as an individual, family, friend, etc.  Life can go quick and memories fade fast!




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