We had such beautiful weather this weekend in South Central Texas along with a visit from Miss K’s Special ANGEL and rounded it all out with one pedal to the metal Sunday.

Saturday started out on the chilly side after thunderstorms awoke our toddler who immediately came into the master slurring, “I’m scared of the thunder” as she nonchalantly made her way into our bed to escape the hail laden melody playing on the metal roof and frequent crashes and booms of thunder and lightning. Of course, I couldn’t shoo her away with that sweet face and those quivering words so we gently reassured her and allowed her to bunk with us for the night as she sweetly repeated to me, “mommy don’t cry, it’s just thunder from the rain it won’t hurt you.”  Of course being it was quite along and loud evening, Saturday started a little slower than normal (praise God)…and we welcomed a dear visit from our Angel and her little guy during the afternoon. As I mentioned in a previous blog, our little blessing who God may have loved a little more this weekend than I did was a true gift from above along with one individuals kindness/selfless act in carrying her for us. We truly were/are blessed to have this individual in our lives as a role-model and friend and think of her as family for miracle/blessing she incubated for our family. While they were visiting, my ever confident, no care in the world tomboy dropped trowel not once but 4 times in the yard to tinkle in front of EVERYONE, chased and scared the poor 5 year old boy with her doting blue eyes and raccoon hands that have to touch everything she encounters…this might be something I should worry about since she did the same thing at the library to another little boy as she tried to hug
him and play chase just last week…? All in all we had a great visit and wrapped up the day with some delicious Whole 30 Fish Taco Bowls with Mango Salsa, chipotle aioli, guacamole, lime cauliflower rice, and red cabbage slaw by 40 Aprons and a lesson on what it means to push mommy’s buttons.

Luckily we all got a little more sleep Saturday night because Sunday proved to be one busy day as 7am started with designing/stocking labels on my new bug repellent lotion sticks, cooking breakfast, letting the girls out to range (1st day out of the playpen truly free-ranging), juicing, and taking care of the neighbors house before heading out to visit friends and family. Needless to say we were an hour behind as we pulled out of the driveway and I was inches from sideswiping another house guests vehicle…the brakes squealed and some choice words may have spilled out of my mouth as my toddler says, “mommy you just hit that truck” to which I replied, ” no, but mommy was very close.” The next words to come across my 2 going on 35 year old lips, “well mommy, you knew his truck was there, and you did almost hit it, you should be more careful next time to watch where you are going.” Now I just had to laugh because kids do pick up and repeat things you may only say to them once or twice and this was just the beginning of many for the day. As we made our way Northwest to drop product and visit family and friends we encounter some traffic only adding to our delay but we filled it with a little “cha-cha-cha” from Rio. When we finally arrived I stopped off at our first location for a quick exchange after setting my roady up with a package of juicy juice, cookies and tv, only to come back 2 minutes later to her crying and telling me,”mommy I tinkled in my seat because I was upset with you, I want to be dry, I need new pants, I don’t want to be wet!” As luck would have it, I she had to wait another 2 minutes until we got to Papas to change. We arrived for a quick handoff and change before heading on to another stop where again I set her up and ran up to the door for a quick exchange and arrived back with a greeting of “mommy I am such a good girl, I did t get upset with you and stayed dry.” I just had to praise her proud moment and let her bask in the glory! As we approached our last visit northwest I had my window down to greet the guard and enter the gate code and my passenger again has to inform me, “mommy, I don’t like that cold air blowing in on me, I need you to shut that please” of course I do and then she utters, “mommy if you roll down that window and put cold air on me again I’m going to give you a little pop on the rear and put you on the side of the road by yourself!” At this point I am dying laughing because you know I have NEVER….hahahahaha….said any of those words…RIGHT?!?!!! As we pull up, of course we climb out and she has Uncle wrapped right around her finger and before I know it they are outside and she is in her panties and T-shirt playing in the water, skimming the pool and eating up the undivided attention…no shame or inhibitions. We visited for a bit and then started our way back home but stopped for a quick trip into Whole Foods to grab some cube steak to fry up for dinner where she literally took every card out from the meat counter and left me to play the matching game…luckily I am pretty good with my cuts of meat, but I was slightly embarrassed…#reallyyouhadtodothat, #cantcatchabreak, #thatswhyyouhandedmethebagoflimes.  We were able to make it in and out in less than 10 minutes which might be a record for this duo, but even if not, I will take it!  We managed to be home by about 4:30, but of course the little road warrior fell asleep about 10 minutes before we pulled in the driveway, and you all know the kind of fire and fury that erupts with a short nap…amiright?! Luckily, all the girls were safe, sound and accounted for after their big day of exploration.  The day drew to a close as I fried up some steak, braised cabbage and mashed potatoes for dinner.

Overall, a lovely and productive weekend! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and found a few laughs along the way!



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