Friday the 13th with a side of sass

This morning I was woken by skunk breathing toddler bouncing a remote on my head yelling “mommy mommy, I wanna watch some tv.” Of course I obliged as it gave me some time to make her pancakes and pack her lunch/snacks, etc for her visit at the Sisters Boutique while I had a little procedure on my back scheduled. Yes, I made pancakes even though I could have nothing to eat or drink #thatswhatmomsdo, #thismomsawesome, #youbetterrememberthis. Oh, and the TV was on, but she of course wanted to help make her chocolate chip pancakes…oh how the whining was in full force…”I need my tower, I want to pour the almond milk in, mommy, can we talk about it, mommy I want a towel to eat pancakes in your bed!” You that morning when you just need to make things happen and get out the door so you just say YES, YES, YES?

Anyway, we got her dropped off and arrive at the doctors office…I was ready for the good stuff and a long nap! Sometimes you just know after they have to stick you more than once and put the IV in the most painful, sensitive spot things might be interesting…well you guessed it! Now I woke up to my doctor standing over me looking a little worried and saying, Tiffany, Tiffany, relax…as my body contorted into all kinds of crazy…you may have thought I was playing a fast forwarded game of twister from my understanding…luckily that subsided as I said…”I told you, I was a mess, you believe me yet?” So he proceeded to check my pain, movement etc and well let’s just say my right leg just decided she hadn’t had enough of a nap and she was not waking up yet…so we waited and coaxed her a bit and finally after about 45min she woke up with vengeance as she shot pain down from my rear to my toes. Now this wasn’t an issue for me, but of course I have the best doctor and he wanted me to feel GREAT, so back we went for him to put a little steroid in 3 levels without any sedation…WITHOUT SEDATION!! Hahahahaha…as the second needle was inserted,
 I calmly but loudly stated, “THAT HURTS LIKE A BEAST! FROM MY BACK TO MY TOES! I THINK I’M GOOD, WE DON’T NEED TO DO ANYMORE, I’M ALL READY TO GO HOME, YOU CAN LET ME OFF THIS TABLE NOW!” Now granted he was so sweet and gave me a minute before the final injection and then as I was wheeled out I told him, “you’re a ROCKSTAR”…there may have been a little sarcasm with it, but I was grateful he didn’t let me go home in any pain. As I came out of course the nurses said, “I don’t think they had ever heard someone so calm as they had a needle of that size put in their back…they heard me in the recovery room 🤩🤷🏼‍♀️. I just giggled and said, “that was a BONUS ROUND, y’all needed a little spice in your life this Friday the 13th.”  As I waited to go home the doctor continued to check on me and as I left he finally gave in and said, “I know you told me you were a mess, but I didn’t believe you until today!” Poor guy may have needed a nitroglycerin pill and a shot of tequila when he got home tonight!

I rested a bit when we arrived home, but then UPS dropped of my sample deodorant containers and I couldn’t help but make a batch of TIFF’S Kids Bug-off Lotion Sticks and then of course I had to design the labels…what do y’all think?


Miss K arrived home from her fun filled play-date a raging roaring HEATHEN…You know she
was SPOILED ROTTEN, but had a wonderful day!  I couldn’t ask for better “family”!  I was so glad  to off-duty as I listened to her give daddy a hard time. The best one was her saying to him, while sighing and rolling her eyes, “I HEARD YOU!” She is one strong willed toddler and I hope she always stays that way…maybe just not here at this house. I hope you all had a great day and enjoy the weekend!



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