Wow!!  I can’t believe it is already Thursday…we had a busy week with the baby watching, toddler time at the library, and the sunny weather!  I had a few days in the car to let my inner teenager out with the open sunroof and vibrating base spilling out of the mom mobile/grocery getter…or whatever else you fancy, and you know I took full advantage!

When I turned on the car for one of my trips, the most perfect song was playing…I just know Brett Eldredge was singing to me…”Don’t think I’ve ever seen your kind of pretty.”  Some days as you run out the house in a pair of workout shorts, t-shirt, hair a mess, no makeup, and your converse, hearing those words even if they are just being spoken through the radio dial can lift a momma up!  So from here, you know the 80’s hairbands came on and the sunroof opened as the base blared!  However, my head banging was interrupted before I even made it out of the neighborhood as a mosquito that rivaled Pete’s Dragon was buzzing around trying to suck the blood right out of me!  Now those of you mosquito loving folks, don’t worry, I didn’t kill the beast, but rather rolled the window down and frantically shooed it out the window for someone else to enjoy and got back to my “summer of ’69”.  Now I arrived at the doctor’s office bite free and feeling quite well having sung my heart out with the wind blowing in my hair.  I walked in and tru tv was on in the waiting area and the show was about Vaginas and Hymens…go figure…no I was not at the GYN…I was at a spine doctors office.  So as it turns out as I am signing in, they repeatedly say vagina on the tv and yes, I wrote vagina as my last name…seriously, you know you all have done this…albeit, it probably wasn’t the word vagina…but you have done it!  I couldn’t help but laugh as I scratched through it 🤷🏼‍♀️

When I arrived home it was time to step back into mom and wife mode and we had some great weather for some fun in the sun…and if you are Miss K even some fun in the water!  I honestly don’t know how kids do it, but they all seem to be able to enjoy the water no matter how cold it might be!  She is absolutely loving the new Banzai Obstacle Course Activity Pool I found for a steal at Kohls.  As soon as it arrived she couldn’t wait to open the box and play in the water…of course it was right at lunchtime and nap and her way of approaching the subject was, “mommy, can we talk about playing with my splashpad?”  Of course, she needed to eat and take a nap so I promptly replied, “lets have some lunch and take a good nap and then we can talk about it.”  When she woke, she immediately said, “mommy now we can talk about playing with my splashpad…I think you told me we were going to open the box and play with it outside now…” she was so dang cute and the inflection/pitch in her voice as she said it that I couldn’t say no at that point.  We headed outside and she was so excited to get in that she couldn’t even wait for it to be blown/filled up before she was sliding down the slide and splash splashing around.  My husband also made sure to immediately place the DESIGNATED WATER WATCHER around my neck to make sure to comply with safe water practices 🤣😜.


I hope you all had a great week and have an even better weekend!



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