The weather here in Texas went a little crazy like little Miss K this weekend! We went to bed Friday night and it was 77℉ but woke up to 40℉ on Saturday Morning…it was a bit chilly even for this crisp, cool weather loving native Texan! It was quite a headlight maker when I walked down to let the girls out in my boxers and t-shirt that morning.  Once we bundled up a bit, we had a little breakfast and headed out to meet the new addition to the Sisters Family. On our way there, we did have to undress our doll because she had vomit on her and point out that
she didn’t have any breasts…this may have been because she swiped one of my bras that morning and walked around with it on saying it was holding her breasts up (I can’t imagine why her favorite game is operation).  But back to our visit and introduction to the most handsome little fellow you have ever laid eyes on!  My little one was a bit standoffish at first, but did finally give him a little hug and kiss on the forehead as we said goodbye which may have been the sweetest thing you ever did seen…AGAIN BABY FEVER full force in my face like a ton of bricks!
The rest of the afternoon was filled with a nap for both Miss K and MYSELF (oh how nice it was to squeeze a 2hr nap out of her…those days are few and far between lately). We finished up the day playing games and having Paleo Beef Enchiladas with Spanish Riced Cauliflower.

On Sunday, Mother Nature was on spectacular display as there was plenty of sunshine and warmer weather to be had! We spent most of the day outside, my husband continuing the planter boxes lining the garden for “insect and rodent repellent” plants to be planted and me supervising of course! Miss K and I visited the neighbors where she made sure to put a little smile on everyones face.  As we arrived at the first house, she asked, “could you please dump these yucky things out of this chair swing for me?” –it was oak tree pollen and leaves…and then she just said thank you and walked away…she didn’t even sit in the swing!!! After bouncing a little on the trampoline, she helped herself to their garage where she tried to get a bike helmet off the wall.   I could just see the shelving and contents falling on top of her like an avalanche as she pulled and twisted, and since I needed to juice still, I said, “you should leave that alone, because if you break it that would be vandalism and the Police will come and we need to head home anyway”…I thought for sure she would stop, but no, my little sassy smarty pants replied, “no it’s not vandalism, it would be an accident mommy we won’t need the police to come.”  Seriously, sometimes I think really only 2 months shy of 3? Anyway, I finally get us moving, but we don’t make it too far as the social butterfly sees the other neighbors outside and makes a pit stop to say hello.  Now, she took the opportunity to pay on their playscape and then made her way over to put her feet in the pool…this led to marching aka splashing and then to just sitting her whole body in the pool..the water is a whopping 63℉…you either have to be out of your mind or a toddler to even dip a toe in that cold water! Of course now that she was wet she then thought it was time to just bare all and proceeded to take her jammies off down to her birthday suit…I finally got her clothes back on and homeward bound we went! I’m not sure what switch
turned on in her as we walked over the threshold into the house, but it was like a Saturday Night Live Episode of The Whiners From the 80’s!!! I don’t think she would have been happy if you sat her down with her favorite point of ice cream and a new toy…she would have whined and maybe even cried!!! I finally started my juicing for the week and of course little raccoon hands started stealing pineapple slices…ever had a pineapple burn…well she found out what that was and we found out just how much crying and carrying on can come from one pint sized toddler…the evening went downhill as we tried every home remedy from yogurt →honey→oatmeal to soothe her discomfort as she whaled, “my mouth burns, my mouth hurts, I hurt, I’m not hungry, no that won’t help me…”. At some point I was thinking…we paid money to be tortured like this…(yes, she was a pretty penny as we were blessed to have the most amazing woman carry her for us but that’s another story about gestational carrying and the miracle of life and happiness The LORD, a selfless individual and a little science can provide.) We settled on oatmeal, ice cream and a popsicle for dinner and I finally finished juicing through the torturous whining and screaming. During the night, she came wandering through the hall where I met her as she said, “mommy, are you okay, I was coming to check on you and see if you needed anything.” What a heart melting moment to take away the struggles of a few hours earlier and sweet words to cherish! Our children really do give us some of the most difficult and amazing moments in life and there isn’t a price tag for any of it!

I hope you all had an exciting weekend and try out the Enchilada Recipe!



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