First,  I did not realize I had such a GONZO nose…the picture in my previous post really screams…LOOK AT MY 👃🏻!!!  Anyway, it is so nice to have a healthy house again and to have ventured off the compound for the first time in 3 days and boy did we have a fun day…it was our weekly trip to Whole Foods and H-E-B along with a few other pitstops where you know there were a few shenanigans.

We started out by grabbing a quick Chai Tea at Pops Coffee Shop down the road…I spilled half of it in the car…sometimes 💩 just happens!  We continued on into town and made our first stop at Pier 1 to grab a few new wreaths for the front door.  As we walked in, I made sure to tell my little one with the raccoon hands that we needed to hold hands and not touch anything otherwise there would be a consequence.  She did great…until we made our way to the counter…she began touching the beautiful Easter Eggs that were sitting there.  I firmly said, “Do we need a consequence or would you like to keep your hands to yourself?”  Of course she stopped (🙌🏻 the LORD) and the sales associates looked at one another and then back at me and said, “OMG, I wish my kids listened that well, behaved so well, or even stopped what they were doing when I gave them the mom voice.”  I just replied, “we are just beginning our day, just wait another 5 minutes and she might turn into the Tasmanian Devil.”  Of course as I paused to correct her the cutest Bunny Wreaths caught my attention and then I saw 50% off so we walked out with 4 wreaths.–you know my husband had some comments…on  the bunny wreathes he said, “what are you going to do with those?” and then he got to the front door “you got more wreaths?”  he’s so sweet, he knew his words wouldn’t phase me and deep down I know he thought they were beautiful and cute too.😍

Remember this was just the beginning!  Off we went to Whole Foods, but Gap
fullsizeoutput_5566 was on the way and we needed some more panties…she likes the gap as they have a soft cotton feel and larger seams which don’t dig into the skin for added comfort.  Anyway, while we were there, we didn’t just get panties…we got a dress, Ariel pjs, Minnie Mouse t-shirt, a gift for our “Chosen Sisters” newborn baby boy and of course a pair of sunglasses! (btw…GAP is having a great sale on swim apparel and dresses)

After we did some major damage to my wallet at Gap we headed over to Whole Foods where of course my little garbage disposal first needed some watermelon, then a banana, followed by a pack of Annie’s Bunny Fruit Snacks, rounded out by a snack bar while we checked out…can we say she only ate 1-2 bites of everything and picked and poked at me the ENTIRE time we were in the store!  Now when I say picked and poked, I literally mean it, like a big brother does to his little sister just to annoy and see what the reaction is…when asked why she says, “because I can!”  Thank you my husband for this…again GOD loves him and so do I!

So after $20 worth of half eaten snacks in Whole Foods, we move on to H-E-B where things actually seemed to be going quite well…until, we hit the check out line again…of course I had her in the small part of the basket this time so she could not annoy/tickle tickle the associate bagging our groceries.  Now, I thought, this would be totally safe from any embarrassing/disruptive incidents…right/!  WRONG…as I am finishing up unloading our groceries onto the conveyer belt, my little loud mouthed toddler grabs the young woman’s large box of tampons and quite loudly says, “MOMMY, LOOK A BOX OF POPSICLES!!!”  poor young woman…she was so embarrassed and I couldn’t help but smile a little and say, “yes love, but we have our own popsicles, lets put them back on the belt for her.”  Luckily, we made it out without anymore moments and back home.

Of course by the time we arrived home and I had all the groceries unloaded, a nap was out of the question so I had her lay down for quiet time to the movie of her choice, “how the grinch stole christmas”…sometimes you just pick the battles!  Anyway, I think she may have fallen asleep and head outside to help my husband build my new planter boxes…and out comes my cute baby girl…shirtless.  I just didn’t even ask…sometimes you just remain silent and go get another shirt since she’s outside and its 90℉ out!  So once I got her fully clothed again she decided to help out by measuring her best friend and scattering daddy’s tools out, but she was happy and occupied so I wasn’t going to say a word.  I turned my head for a few minutes and I see her sit down with a pint of dairy free ice cream…she says to me, “mommy its okay, I went and got some ice cream for myself.”  I just shook my head and said, “of course you did.”

Now by this time the neighbor had brought her mower down for my husband to help her service and it was time to start dinner.  We had some very flavorful Paleo Instant Pot Chicken Marsala with Mashed Cauliflower.  The monster reared her no nap head right about that time, and I deferred the rest of her evening to DADDY…luckily while I was getting dinner done my husband had finished the mower and I was able to take it along with a trap (something is trying to get into her coop for her chickens and has already had a feast on one, so I borrowed a trap from one of the other neighbors) and can of tuna fish down the street while he wrestled with little Mike
Tyson.  On my way down with the mower I had some texts asking if I was mowing the street, a 4-door jacked up truck full of boys staring and waving (I am a 35 year old hot mess…but please boys continue ☺), and another couple walking their dogs giggling…now you can only imagine what the other 5 houses of neighbors were thinking as I road the mower down the street about dusk…I could only wish I had a few cervezas and was going for a ride…You may just want to call us the Beverly Hillbillies, but the Clampetts may not even be as backwoods as us sometimes!!

Hope you all have a few for me this weekend!!


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