We had a few stormy days this week and Wednesday was one of them! It was a perfect day to curl up and read a book by a window as the rain created a soothing beat as it made impact, watch a movie or enjoy a nice cup of tea/coffee, really whatever floats your boat. Well not for this crazy momma…I was up at the rooster crowing, butt crack of dawn driving to an appointment, while both my sleeping beauties enjoyed sleeping to the peaceful sounds of rain falling on the metal roof. I actually can’t even say that it bothered me because driving in the car ALONE was incredible…you know the kind of joy/excitement Tom Cruise showed in Risky Business as he slid across the floor in his whitey tighties singing with his microphone…oh yes, now the full picture is becoming clear, the radio turned up to deafening levels as I belted out the lyrics to “Pour Some Sugar On Me” through that rainy commute like no one was listening (80s hairbands were cranked up!). So now I get to this appointment only an hour early…hahahahaha…only this momma knowing she would be all alone leaves with that much extra time to spare…no really I just didn’t want to get caught in the storms and traffic. Anyway, I get to the office and no lie this doctor has a “new patient packet” that is about 50 pages long…some of the questions being how do you feel (cheerful, angry, withdrawn, depressed, etc.), but the best one was…avoid everyone…could I just answer avoid my family…hehehe…I felt like I was being checked into the mental ward or filling out a gynecology questionnaire, but at any rate the paperwork was thorough and the doctor was FANTASTIC!?!

Now I don’t know about everyone out there, but since this little princess has come along, I have such a hard time waiting to give gifts I order in for special occasions especially since they are either useful or something she will LOVE.  So this happened again after I arrived home from the doctor…the was a pair of rain boots I had ordered for her Easter basket that arrived and It was raining.  I was dying to give them to her, and any reason would do, so I told her if she ate all her lunch without fussing and having ants in her pants I had a surprise for her…to which I followed it up with if you take a good nap, we can go jump in mud puddles with our new rain boots!  This WORKED like a charm…NO I AM NOT ABOVE BRIBERY and they were so cute! #briberyworks  It was also so enjoyable to see her jump in all the puddles for the very first time too..#lovebabyfirsts, #puddlesweremeanttobejumpedin, #itsrainingitspouring

Since I had been gone for so long we needed to play and fit it all in in just a few hours…so, one of the first days back at the compound my little one brought me the dogs leash she had been walking him with and says, “Mommy walk me like Zeiss, here is the leash, you just wrap it around my tummy and we walk”…now I know you are thinking maybe this poor poor toddler is being raised like a dog, but I promise, we tell her every day she is not a dog as she licks food off the floor, asks to eat dog treats, and tries to drink water from any puddle or bowl she might find inside and out.  Of course with this “little puppy” nothing lasts too long so she walks inside for a few minutes while I put up the leash and all the sudden my husbands alarm on his truck starts honking and here comes the little raccoon saying, “mommy you want to learn how to honk daddy’s truck?  Look you just push this red button with the horn on it.”  To this I just shook my head as my dear husband comes running from behind the house to see what the commotion was thinking I had pushed the alarm on his truck because I had fallen and couldn’t get up…hahahahahaha!

Now might also be a good time to admit to ordering numerous things in the hospital with no recollection and sheer surprise each day they arrive…gentlemen never leave a cell phone capable of internet with your wife alone while she is heavily medicated!  🤣😂👸🏼 One of my best finds was this awesome T-shirt from  Duct Tape and Denim…I must have been feeling slightly older than 35 while in the hospital on pain medicine after having  to call an ambulance to transport me because I had laid down and couldn’t get up!  The other reason not to leave a cell phone period with your slightly medicated wife or friend is she may/may not respond to texts from strangers asking if she could watch their 6 month old baby for the next few months…so I do have a little baby fever but thats a different story…and no I do not know this family, but another woman from my neighborhood, whom I didn’t know but volunteered to watch her granddaughter a few months back had given them my number and name…#cantsayno, #babyfever, #helpingdoesabodygood, #medicinemightmakeyoucuckoo🤷🏼‍♀️🙋🏼

Once the panic alarm was silenced and strategically placed out of reach from our little raccoon, it was time to have dinner and get ready for bed…so during dinner her mouth must have sprouted a leak and her almond milk spilled on the floor to which my husband says, “sit your rear on that spot of milk and sway back and forth”…she says, “I don’t want to have milk on my rear, I don’t want to be wet!”  He responds, “its just a little bit and you have to take a bath after dinner anyway so it will be okay.”  She does it and then lays on her belly and starts cleaning the entire floor.  Again, I promise haven’t raised her as Moglie from the jungle book to live as/with wild animals!!  Now we head off to the bath and she needs to potty so she is taking care of business while I get jammies and all out to her voice telling me, “mommy don’t come back in here its stinky Im pushing out a big poopoo.”  Afew minutes later I walk in and ask if she is all done to which her reply is “no, Im still working on it.” So I say, “you are just like daddy, it takes you forever, but I won’t judge you sweetheart.”  She then says, “why would you judge me?” and lets out no lie a 10-20 second toot and says with the goofiest grin and giggle you could imagine, “mommy there’s a frog farm in the bathroom”. By this time, daddy had come in and we both just looked at one another and started laughing hysterically!  Let me just say…my husband thought her the primal behavior of “is there a frog under the covers, or a frog farm in the bathroom?” I finished the night off with a little snack as all that laughing had given me the munchies. (I did take a little medicine with my snack and let me tell you there is nothing quite as satisfying as some paleo salty tortilla chips and a good ole box of skittles😜).

Anyway, the the week has been filled with such laughter and joy! My little one is a good mix of boy, girl and Tasmanian devil that I wouldn’t trade for the world and boy she keeps me running, laughing, and ALWAYS waiting for the next adventure.

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