This weekend seemed to pass by incredibly fast for this momma…continued coop remodeling, birthday dinners, church, first easter bunny visit, birthday party, juicing and then it was Monday! BTW…I love the local coffee shop here…Pops not only do they have some great coffee and always doing holiday events…they are just great people!

My Goodness…I got so wrapped up in being so busy and having a silly toddler, or maybe it was the 90℉ we had this weekend, eitherway one of them had to have fried my brain because I literally couldn’t remember where or what I was suppose to be doing this morning…well, I did check last night, I just got my days confused #momlife.  So this morning, I have my alarm set and am stepping out of the shower to get out the door by 8am when my body image coach stares at me and says, “mommy you have big, biig, biiiiiiiiiigggg breasts…I like your beautiful breasts mommy.”  #stunnedmommy, #speechless, #mortified, #2minaloneplease…Seriously, no better way to start the morning than being critiqued by someone who learned the names of body parts just a few years ago! Well, we did get out the door on time with a pouch of yogurt and a bowl of oatmeal to eat on the way to town.  Well as luck would have it, I may have gotten my days mixed up and we were halfway to town before my brain registered it was the 19th not the 20th of March!!  So, you all know, after you have pumped your little pint sized friend up with all kinds of bribes and nowhere to go, you MUST find somewhere to land!!

We decided to pop over to visit all our “CHOSEN SISTERS” at SISTERS and boy did we leave an impression and a few smiles. We made sure to announce our arrival to everyone in the boutique by the “clank, clank, clank” of our gorgeous heals we had to put on when we walked through the door before heading to the beautiful hardwoods as we walked through smelling the wax melts, touching…no picking up the beautiful serving dishes, and then becoming a little too confident… her legs when out from under her and her rear landed like a thud on that floor, and the stunned look that overcame that ever so confident face was priceless.  This didn’t deter the little princess though from giving the girls a little more sass during our visit!  Her favorite part of the boutique is the fitting rooms she loves to crawl under and today one was her house…she invited Miss J in but when Miss M asked if she could go into her house as well, my quick witted sassy toddler replied, “no, you need to go find your own house to play in!”  They all got a good laugh out of that one, but for me it was time to retreat back to the back and put our dress up clothes and toys away…however, Nettie decided to come play for a few minutes and as she and the image coach were playing, out came…”Nettie you have dirty eyebrows, we need to clean them”…OMG…the things that come out of the mouths of babes!!  Lunchtime came just in the nick of time for this momma and we got out of dodge before we could offend anyone else.

This afternoon, my husband could wait no longer to give the little one her 1st fishing pole and “yes she did want her fishing pole”!  They fished a little off the retaining wall and then we tended to the garden and the chicks.

Now over the past few weeks it has been a struggle for the little princess because she is never hungry, thirsty or tired and tonight was no different as we sat down for Paleo Meatloaf to the screams of all three being blurted out like it was coming from every nook and cranny in the house…so my husband being the resourceful man he is, put a sticky note on the clock and told her she needed to sit at the table until the minute hand reached the paper and if she finished dinner before that occurred she could play before bath…Ladies and Gentlemen, this worked like a charm and she even finished dinner with 5 minutes to spare!!!  Wow, now the true test will come when we use it a few more times…but lets pray we don’t have to!

I wish I as done for the evening, but as I am sitting writing this my husband comes into the bedroom and says, you have to come outside, collects his shotgun and binoculars as I follow him outside…a FOX or COYOTE is circling the girls!!!  We put them out in the coop tonight as they are too big to be in their trough in the garage now…so here I sit with a knot in my stomach and debating on whether to bring my scared little girls up to the house or trust in the construction of the Hen House that we have built to hopefully withstand the predators…no we didn’t shoot the fox/coyote for those of you animal lovers!  Maybe the guard dog will get off his plush bed next to mine to go take care of our girls tonight…hahaha…that wasn’t happening and I just couldn’t let my girls sleep outside tonight so this momma hen and her husband brought them back in for the night.  Now that I can sleep tight, hope you all do too!

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