This morning started with a bear hunt and a snowstorm and ended with smothered pork chops with bacon and caramelized onions with a little tickling in between!

We love to read books in this house and I must say we have a budding bookworm I am thrilled about! She has always loved the book, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and her fondness has only grown over the last 2 years. Now because of this, we have spent the last several weeks having “snowstorms” under the blankets and trotting through the house, yard, grocery store, Home Depot…any place you can imagine on bear hunts! Such joy comes from watching a toddler memorize books and create a world of enchantment around them where they place themselves inside the story to create an adventure.

After we had a few snowstorms and found us some bears we left the compound bound for Home Depot to grab some paint and primer for the coop. We headed to the paint where we chose Sailing Sea Blue for The Hen House, well that may not be the full truth…My little bear hunter wanted the most disgusting shade of pea green that in reality mimicked one of the lovely shades of chicken poop you might encounter at The Hen House, so I immediately held up three different paint cards and asked her to choose her favorite from the three I had picked. Note to myself for future encounters in clothing, painting, bedding… well anything, only give her the choice of the ones I like to pick from! Once we had decided on the color, we had the gentlemen begin mixing the paint for us and were by all accounts content playing with the 500 paint cards we had collected in the basket when she suddenly announced she needed to potty. We made our way to the back where we encountered a sweet woman backing her shopping scooter out of the restroom entrance…this is where it all goes south! My fearless and sometimes mannerless toddler proceeds to tell this sweet woman, “you need to move, it’s my turn, I need to potty, it’s my turn first!” All while flailing her arms to the right and left…luckily this woman’s hearing had gone a bit and she thought miss bossy britches was trying to help direct her as she backed her cart out. I thought we had calmed down once we got in the stall, but the little half pint just couldn’t help herself and proceeded to amuse herself with her echo by making bird and bear noises and then finally comes to

Daughter: “Mommy I’m all done, now it’s your turn.”

Mommy: “I’m good”

Daughter: “Are you sure you can hold it?”

Mommy: “I don’t need to tinkle”

Daughter: “You don’t just want to try?”

After the 15 minute potty break, we collected our paint and paint stick which put a smile on my friend’s face clear across Texas! As we made it to the checkout the social butterfly proceeded to, “tickle tickle tickle” every man we passed with that paint stick too!! We finally made it to the front and I’m not sure what it is about the self checkouts and her needing to draw everyone’s attention, but here we go again…she proceeds to turn the paint stick from a tickle stick to an itch stick! She begins yelling, “I have an itch, I’m scratching it, I’m itchy…no, that hurts, stop doing that, don’t scratch me with that stick it hurts”…now I was scanning our paint and primer so it was only her hands operating that paint stick!

After priming the coop and cleaning the girls brooding trough, it was time to make smothered pork chops with bacon and caramelized onions, which turned out amazing!

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