When your a SAHM, life inevitably throws some curve balls your way and plans tend to change based on which type of monster you wake up to or wake up as! This morning was a great morning for snuggling and watching LEAP (its on Netflix and a super cute movie) since I was a bit tired from an eventful night filled with lots of “Mommy I NEED to Potty!” It seemed like every time my eyes shut those words were being screamed through a megaphone with a direct path into my eardrum. I may have been a fire breathing dragon this morning, so with that being said, our weekly Whole Foods trip for juicing supplies was delayed by ohhh…2hrs, but we did make it! We even managed to meander through the store in record time and without any type of tickling of patrons, searching for our bow, or potty breaks #wekilledit!

As we arrived home the little badger came out full force screaming and fighting with all she had! She wasn’t hungry, wasn’t tired, wasn’t happy…you name it, she wasn’t having any of it! So with that, NAPTIME began and thank you Lord it was a good one. While she slept, I was able to get the girls outside for some exercise and sunshine, water the garden and start painting the Coop!!

Luckily when the little badger woke she was in a much better mood and we were able to enjoy the afternoon sunshine while reading books, chase, and looking for bears.  However, a slight wrench was thrown in the mix when my chicken loving LITTLE decided to start firing bubbles inside the coop while I was rounding the girls up from their sunbathing outing…Yes you guessed it, one of our girls flew the coop and we spent the next 15 minutes trying to catch her as she leaped from branch to branch of the nine million trees and darted every attempt to catch her…I was calling to her, using her friends chirps as luring sounds and just about to cry as we gave her some space and she went right back to the coop where I urgently scooped her up with a sigh of relief.  I am just not ready for something to happen ANY of these 12 chicks!  After this near disaster…okay a little dramatic, but seriously, we headed in for dinner and bath time.

I would like to say our day ended here, but we had such a hysterical 20 minute bath with our “babies”.  You honestly get a little mini me when you have a two year old…as much as I hate to admit it!  Our little one is filled with an independent and sassy little attitude and I do know I will be ever so happy about this when she is blazing her own trail in the world, but for now it is ever so frustrating and hysterical all in the same day.  Anyhow, back to bath time…my “little mommy” decides her baby is not listening and needs to stand in the corner until she can listen and stop fussing…then baby needed a little spanking because she was continuing to be disrespectful…as my husband began telling “mommy” we should maybe not spank baby so forcefully, she began squeezing her rubber ducky to make tooting sounds to which he replied, “Im trying to talk to you, why are you doing that?”  Her response was priceless, “I wanted you to stop talking daddy!”  The sass is sometimes melded together with such wit and charm you can’t help but turn your head and giggle.  After this exchange it was time for baby to go to sleep…”baby its time to go to sleep…baby I will not come back in here…oh baby you need to go potty…you go potty baby and back in your crib, close your eyes and go to sleep…if I have to come back in here one more time, you will have a consequence!”  What a great little mommy we were during bath time tonight!  Before bed we needed to read stories to our friends and then it was off to sleep.

With it being St Patricks Day tomorrow, I thought I would share an Irish spirited drink recipe.

Irish Mudslide by 3 yummy tummies

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3oz.half and half or milk


a few drops of green food coloring (optional)

  1. Add all ingredients to a blender bowl and blend until combined and smooth.  Pour into a highball glass and top with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

Enjoy the weekend and LUCK of THE IRISH to you!


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  • Gloria
    Posted March 25, 2018 8:26 pm

    Mmm… Jameson is my favorite spirit.

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