Good Evening Peeps! The weather has been quite beautiful in Texas and The Lord’s presence is shining ever so bright this time of year.

This mornings shenanigans did not disappoint and the giggles were endless on my part. Of course each day is always a different adventure and they are endless with our little princess. This morning started out with a little dance party in the living room to the tune of the abc’s and ended with my walking out of the shower to a toddler in her birthday suit with a teal belt and a pair of black UGGs up to her knees shaking her little tail feathers. Seriously what can you do but giggle at this point?!

After the little show, (thank goodness there weren’t any poles involved) we were off to the feed store, yes in our CHRISTMAS jammies, where we found some more cute animals “we need him mommy, he’s so sad all by himself and he would love to come home to his friends at our house.” NO HE DOES NOT and with that we got the girls some more food and headed off to HEB. At the grocery store we made sure to give the patrons an anatomy lesson as we informed them “tinkle comes out our vagina and poop comes out our rear” while picking up the few things we needed. But the best phrase to come out of the anatomy professors mouth was “don’t touch my breasts, they are mine, not yours!” all while she is covering them with her own hands!!  I won’t lie we may have forgone a few items just so this rosey-cheeked mommy could quickly exit the store without being recognized!

After the adventurous morning naptime was not only welcomed but NEEDED and so the husband and I went outside to plant a few tomato plants in the garden and sand the coop  to prepare it for painting, since the girls seem to be growing faster than my baby has grown into a toddler.

Although THE GIRLS aren’t all fuzzy and small, they still bring my little girl such joy as she greets them each morning and takes them for some playtime in the afternoon sun. The girls were having such a relaxing sunbath when their “best friend” needed to get in and ruffle their feathers a bit…although she was so sweet and kind at first one of the girls ended up getting shaken up like she was experiencing the thrill of “the zipper” at a carnival all while an evil little laugh played on repeat accompanying the jolts and shakes. Poor girl may have been traumatized just a little as she quickly walked to the corner where she collapsed from the whole ordeal…she is fine thank goodness…just keeping her distance from the blonde headed badger and with good reason I might add.

We finished up the day with a photo session with our “CHOSEN SISTERS” and arrived back home to the tantalizing aroma of pulled pork in the instant pot!

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  • Annette Maha
    Posted March 16, 2018 2:48 am

    My lovely girls💕

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