It’s been pretty quiet on the compound lately since the Texas Allergens are out in full force! Okay so maybe I’m not being totally truthful since we actually have had one cranky toddler who has been trying to catch her nose since last week…although today seems to be a HAPPY Day for her!

The time change didn’t seem to affect us this year as much as it had in the past few years or so I thought. It all began as I made it halfway down the street and began hearing a beeping noice…code for alarm that a door is open in the vehicle…I stopped and was looking at the doors thinking “I only opened the driver side door to get in and I know I closed it”…well I forgot I opened the back hatch to. Yes, you guessed it, I backed out of the driveway and drove halfway down the street with the rear hatch open. Now if that had been the only flub of the day, it wouldn’t really even be worth a second thought, but it wasn’t. Luckily the rest of my commute to the city was uneventful. I arrived at the doctors office and as she walked in, I inquired how her kiddos were to which she replied good and referred to the youngest as being a toddler now. Well, I thought to myself how is that possible and finally said, “I thought he was born in November?” She responded, “yes he was can you believe he is 16 months”…oh my goodness, I didn’t just loose an hour ladies and gents, I somehow lost a year with this time change!! You can only imagine after these two incidents I came directly back home because I was a little afraid of what I might encounter next!

Luckily my little one was in a better mood today and after we both had a nap, instead of playing tea party and then turning into a head case we made paleo chocolate pudding because what better way to gain back a year than with a little chocolate? We love the Paleo Chocolate Pudding Recipe From Paleo Running Momma because it is quick, delicious and the little one can help!

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