I’ll start with a song to the tune of “Ring around the Rosey”…

“Ring around the chicken coop”
Ring around the chicken coop
Coop full of chickens
Chickens, Chickens,
We all say CUCKOO!

So I will admit this song was being sung/made-up about 5:00pm after an eventful day with the beautiful tyrant…and yes I did think I might rather be cleaning out the girls trough than sing this song one more time for her as she meandered around the remodeled coop my husband was trying to finish.  Now, if you know/have a two year old, you understand that anything and everything: dirty, dangerous, poisonous, shiny, well basically anything, they will be getting into while you are trying to finish up a project.  So here I was trying to keep her entertained and I know she loves the song “ring around the rosey” so I start singing it thinking she will keep her little raccoon hands off the tools, boards, pencil cactus…you get my drift.  No, the little tyrant says, “no mommy, no!” At this point I was desperate and cuckoo so I made up the aforementioned song only to have her LOVE it and literally make me sing it until I would either vomit or die from the absurdity of it.  Now as you can see I did survive and even managed to make dinner which I will share a little later on.

Let me back up a bit though and begin our day with an outing to the park and our conversation about the park:

Mommy: Did you enjoy the park?
Daughter: A little guy was going down the big slide.
Mommy: Did you enjoy the park?
Daughter: I was trying to push that little guy.
Mommy: Why did you push him? Did he upset you or do something to you?
Daughter: No, Because I did and I can. He didn’t try to push me, but I pushed the little guy out of my way.
Mommy: Okay well that wasn’t nice or a good way to make friends.
Daughter: Okay mommy.

Ladies and Gentlemen this is just the beginning…we are just warming up because while we were there, she did push a little guy out of the way and try climbing up the slide nine million times while other little ones yelled, “hey little BOY, Im trying to slide down, get off!” at my daughter…we have very little hair at almost three and don’t hate us because we don’t have to brush it.  At any rate, after a few warnings, I have her stand in time out because clearly at this point she is really disrupting the playground…only to have a well intending momma make eye contact with me and say, “I’m not mom shaming you or anything.”  I quickly replied, well, we all gotta do what we gotta do, right…and even if you were its okay with me…I don’t really get my feathers too ruffled, I live with 12 hens and a tyrant…now you all know those baby chicks will one day grow up to be hens and I also refrained from having them “stretching their legs” in my house, but she didn’t know that and it was just too funny to pass up especially as my little bossy betty was screaming and crying with her nose on the fence pole in time out.

After we ruffled everyones feathers at the park, we headed over to the feed store to get the girls some more food because they can eat!  While we were there, of course the raccoon hands were out again in full force and it took all the energy I had left to corral her in.  So as we are checking out, she proceeds to open the ice cream bin located at the register…we have a pretty severe dairy and soy allergy, so I’m telling her it has cows milk while trying to pay and shut the bin only to have her grab a dog treat off the counter and ask, “mommy may I try this tasty looking dog treat?”  Seriously, I was about nuts at this point but I calmly say, “love, that is a dog treat as the name implies it is for a dog and you are a little girl so probably not the best treat to have.”  To this comment the sweet young lady checking us out says, “does she model for the local boutique” to which I reply, “yes she does.”  So she continues, “she is so cute and sassy in all of those photos, and I always kinda wondered if it was just the photos, but no, she really is that cute and totally sassy!” Yes ma’am she certainly is!!

So now the coop is all remodeled and ready for me to start making it super chic with paint, flowers, herbs, etc before the girls move out…a few pictures…

Now that the husband had finished working on the coop for the day we went to play on the driveway with the plasma car, chase/keep away with the dog and I made my way inside to cook dinner…I had just had a little too much cuckoo today so we ended up having “Baked Honey Cilantro Lime Salmon” by Tiffany at Creme De La Crumb with Asparagus and Tomatoes.  Yes you see her in there helping again, she loves to cook with mommy but she knows I am IN CHARGE in the kitchen.

Once the tyrant was down for the night, my husband I sat down where I showed him some “containers” I found for some herbs and flowers I would like to plant for the girls and asked if he could make them…of course he can because honestly he can make anything…so of course he said he could and then got up…I asked hey where are you going?  His reply…”TO CRY”

Y’all I hope you had as much fun laughing as I did navigating the joys of life and all it has to offer today.

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