Another day has passed here on the homestead and well I can’t imagine why at 8:00pm I am in bed with toothpicks prying my eyes open saying I can do this, I know I can stay awake until 8:30pm…I can’t be the only one right…Every single one of you had to have been woken up by your energizer bunnies at oh wait for it…5:30am, right?  This is totally normal…well I may use a sliding scale for normal.

We started off the day by going out to say good morning to our little chicks and may have given them a little scare as a tiny hand reached in and picked one up, well maybe pinched one up by the neck and another by their wing all while saying…”did you sleep well little girl, I’m so proud of you for staying in your bed all night.”

After “loving” on our girls, we headed inside to make pancakes and managed to have breakfast ready for daddy by 7:30 right as he walked into the kitchen…now that may or may not be a lie and since there is a chance he could read this, it will be more fun for you all to speculate.  On the menu was Paleo Chocolate Chip Silver Dollar Pancakes (Paleo Kids Cookbook by Jennifer Robbins) , Blueberries, Applegate Chicken and Maple Sausage and at the request of the little energizer bunny 1 cold freshly juiced turmeric shot and of course when you have a shot you must cheers!!!

Next on the list was getting dressed and out the door for church in you may have guessed it…15 minutes!!  So as I am brushing my teeth the little tike comes in and says, “mommy don’t I look beautiful in my princess dress?”  Now I was really thinking OMG you are a wreck right now full of flowers on top and different flowers on bottom and then never mind the shoes that may or may not be a few sizes too small with the laces cinching her feet in like a sausage meat being stuffed in the casing, but with the biggest smile on my face out came..”Oh you look gorgeous sweetheart you did such a wonderful job picking out your clothes for church today!”  Then a few minutes later I over hear my fashionista husband ask her, did mommy like your outfit, did she say it was okay.  Of course I couldn’t say anything at this point, but I think if part of my face hadn’t been frozen by Botox, it just might have been saying what my lips had wanted to.  Oh how I wanted to change that outfit, but I did refrain and so when we arrived at church today, not only did we look like a mismatched orphan, but the little energizer bunny ran into church screaming, I want a lollipop mommy, I want a lollipop.  Well you know when you are two and the youngest in the congregation by a good 10 years, one of the “grandparents in church” is bound to lower that lollipop basket for you to reach in and with your greedy little hands grab not one but THREE yes you read that right.  At any rate, we have a lollipop to enjoy during services to keep us quiet right…oh no!  As there is a pause during one of the prayers miss energizer bunny proceeds to start informing the congregation how she LOVES blue lollipops!  You only thought stuffing something in their mouth would keep it from opening!  Hahahahahahaha FAT CHANCE!  Now you aren’t as mortified, but still plenty embarrassed as the men serving at the table begin passing the offering plate and your Jesus Loving toddler, burst out, “Jesus is coming…I have money for him momma!”

Once we returned home nap time went off without a hitch and it was time to have a day of REST!  Well I put the husband to work on the chicken coop I want remodeled for the girls while I supervised.  I also told him of my plans to paint it to which he replied, “What??? You are going to paint this thing?  I thought I told you I didn’t want it to stand and out and have to look at this ugly thing?”  To this I lovingly replied, “Oh it will be so Chic once its finished you will be begging the Chicks to come down and hang out with them!”

Well we rounded the day out with a little visit from the neighbors grandson…you just can’t pass up on some cute toddler pictures!

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