Life with a toddler is ALWAYS eventful…well that might quite possibly be the biggest understatement to come out of my mouth.  Anyhow, you just know what kind of day it might be when you wake up to “I’m the boss, not you mommy” and all of this is well and fine in the confines of the compound, but when you have errands to accomplish with THE LITTLE BOSS, challenges might present themselves.

I’ll begin by saying by the time we made it out the door, 10am was approaching only 2 hrs behind the planned departure time…go figure.  1st stop today was Walmart where we needed only a couple things…spray paint and jeans to be specific…an hour later, a few offended patrons, 1 mortified mommy and 5 cans of spray paint we were off to the next stop…but let me back up here.  While we were in the store most people just smiled at us, but we did encounter the few who thought and looked at me like I might very well have just escaped from the state hospital down the road and with good reason I might add.  I was a little scared of what was peering back at me in the mirror this morning too…again some days you just know laughter is the way to go.  There was no chance anyone was going to miss this LITTLE BOSS at ANY of our destinations today.  As we made our way to the paint, she asked, no yelled “why is that old lady riding on that thing?  What is that thing?”… a motorized shopping cart, then we tried to spray paint ourselves, and rounded out the visit by passionately waving our arms in the air and screaming “my bow, my bow, I want my bow, I don’t want it in the trash”…the bow meanwhile in her hand the whole time.  Now might you see why they thought I had escaped from down the road?!!

Off to Petco we went because the poor dog was almost out of food since he needs to be fed at least 4-5 times a day according to the LITTLE BOSS…not quite sure why I auto ship when you just never know if a bag is going to last a month or two weeks.  Life gets interesting when your 2 year old pushes the food bag over the top of the cart just enough to pad the edges and then proceeds to think its a slide. A coronary or at least a slight stroke is possible but when it is followed up with you narrowly averting a canine beef stick passing between teeth while you pay for the dog food, I’m just not quite sure how I was still standing…you can’t make this stuff up!

As we entered HEB our last and final stop of the morning…somehow let me just say I always seem to attract well meaning, sweet people who are just looking for some conversation…maybe today it was because they thought I belonged down the road?  Of course we didn’t walk 2 feet inside and it happens…did you know asparagus is suppose to be not only snapped but peeled ladies and gentlemen, because now that you do, you can file that under some major culinary knowledge and know that some folks can talk about asparagus for longer than it takes me to shower and dress a 2 year old.  Luckily we were able to politely move on through the store and begin checking out when the LITTLE BOSS found the top of a green onion and proceeded to “tickle tickle tickle” the bagger with it…#absolutelymortifiedmommy…thank goodness that was our last stop and that poor young man was so understanding and even amused.

Alright so you can only imaging how I might have been looking forward to nap time and maybe a nice/calm afternoon…well as we drove home we learned we would have a visitor later in the afternoon.  Usually, I am down for socializing especially when it is with someone over the age of two, but today of all days…thank goodness naptime lasted more than 30 minutes today and we only had to potty once and not 5 no make it 15 times.  So I was able to start reading/researching/thinking about my week old baby chicks…oh common you all know you want to read about chickens when you get 5 minutes to yourselves.  Anyhow, I am on Pinterest and I find and interesting article regarding raising chickens and I come to the part where after about a week old the chickens will need to stretch their legs by letting them RUN AROUND IN YOUR LIVING ROOM…wait, yes folks they wanted me to let these 12 little chickens run around in my living room…Do they all think I belong in the State Hospital today????  Well I won’t lie I did give some thought to doing it while my Mother In Law was here just to see what the reaction might be but I decided the reaction wasn’t worth my sanity or the mess I would have to clean up.

Thank goodness the husband made dinner tonight as I finished up juicing for the week and oh the irony of having BBQ Chicken after a day like today…



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  • Christina Feiler
    Posted March 4, 2018 5:20 pm

    Oh those are the days!! Although I am dying at the thought of 12 chicks, a toddler and the dog all running around the living room! 🤣 I enjoyed your blog and look forward to following along! ❤️

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